Crochet Mouse Free Pattern

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"Height 28cm, I knitted threads 100% Microfiber 100 gr-230 m, hook Japanese number 0.
The description is not mine, found through the tenth hands of some old German magazine.
Threads are required:
Grey 50gr, Peach 100 gr, slightly green, black, white, thin mohair (100gr-450.500 m), pair of beads or eyes, ready glasses or wire, decorative satin ribbons and butterflies.

Head (Gray)
1r-6stbn in Ring(6)
2r-(Prib) to the end (12)
4r-(1STBN, Prib) to the end (18)
6r-(2STBN, Prib) to the end (24)
8r-(3STBN, Prib) to the end (30)
10r-(4STBN, Prib) to the end (36)
11-13 R.-Straight
14r-(5STBN, Prib) to the end (42)
15-21 R.-Straight
22r-(5STBN, UB) to the end (36)
23R-(4STBN, UB) to the end (30)
24r-(3STBN, UB) to the end (24)
25R-(2STBN, UB) to the end (18)
26r-(STBN, UB) to the end (12)
27r-(UB) to end (6)

Hands (dimmed)
1r-5stbn in Ring(5)
2r-(Prib) to the end (10)
3d-Prib, 3stbn, Prib, 3stbn, Prib, 1STBN (13)
Change color to the color of the dress (peach)
4-6 R.-Straight (13)
7-14 R.-Prib, 5STBN, UB, 5STBN (13)-Bend the knob in elbow
15-16 R.-Straight (13)
17r-STBN (UB) to the end (7)

(Can be with fingers: tie Fingers

1r-6stbn in the ring

2-5 P-6STBN (you can and 4 rows then fingers less will)
Then connected fingers 1finger-3stbn,2-th-3stbn and the third turns 6stbn then on 2nd finger 3stbn and 1finger-3stbn (18 loops) and on a circle of a number of 2-3 (as will like) then Uzuavila (1 SBN, Ubava) 12 loops and knitted further like Lena, and 4 finger came simple) 

Body (dimmed)
1r-6stbn in Ring(6)
2r-(Prib) to the end (12)
3r-(STBN, Prib) to the end (18)
4r-(2STBN, Prib) to the end (24)
5r-(3STBN, Prib) to the end (30)
6r-(4STBN, Prib) to the end (36)
7r-(5STBN, Prib) to the end (42)
8-15 R.-Straight
Change color to the color of the dress (peach)
16r-(5STBN, UB) to the end (36)
17-19 R.-Straight
20R-(4STBN, UB) to the end (30)
21-23 R.-Straight
24r-(3STBN, UB) to the end (24)
25-28 R.-Straight
29r-(2STBN, UB) to the end (18)
31R-(STBN, UB) to the end (12)
32 R.-(UB) to end (6)

Color shoes
Chain of 8VP.
1r-6STBN, 5stbn in one loop, 6STBN, 3stbn in one loop
2r-7STBN, 3 Prib, 7STBN, 3prib
3r-7stbn, Prib, stbn, Prib, stbn, Prib, stbn, 7stbn, Prib, stbn, Prib, stbn, Prib, stbn
4-7 R.-Straight (32)
9r-7stbn, 4ub, 9STBN, UB, STBN
10r-5stbn, 4ub, 7STBN, UB
11R-5stbn, 2ub, 8STBN (15)
Change Color (gray)
12-30 R.-Straight (15)

Legs Prishivayem not multiply in front, to the mouse well village (to express the Popu), in the body can be poured a little granulata. Pens and head sewing nitynym fastening.

Ears (gray)
Chain of 9VP
1r-4stbn, PSTSN, 2STSN (STSN, 5sts2n, STSN) in one loop, 2STSN, PSTSN, 4STBN (21)
2r-4STBN, PSTSN, 3STSN, 5prib sts2n, 3STSN, PSTSN, 4stbn (26)
3r-Series of STBN (26)
Without tearing the thread, fold the ear in half and capturing the two halves of the abalone, Projazat 4 soyed, art.

Now let's tie the spout (black color)
1r-6stbn in Ring(6)
2r-(Prib) to the end (12)
5r-(UB) to end (6)
The form of a spout can be increased by means of privvok, i.e. 3r-(STBN, Prib) to the end if my variant will seem to you small
To fill, to pull, if you have a suitable size of a bead, it is possible to show it, I have made it so, and then to sew or glue to a muzzle, only sew not at the very end, and back up several rows, on a photo too it is visible.
Skirt (peach color)
Dial the chain of 54 of the VP and lock in the ring
1r-(5STSN, Prib) to the end
2-13 R.-Straight
Change color
Change color
Change color
Change color
Change color
Change color
20-23 R.-STSN
Change color

Attention! " Change Color "-can not be changed, it is for those who want to make strips on the skirt. Girls pay attention to the alternation of STSN and STBN!!!

If, connected details from different densities of threads, then try on clothes on the mouse and chase

Girls, more advice: If you knit a toy with the use of a large number of shades, then before the start of work all these flowerbeds collect in a pile and look at the overall color scheme, it must be harmonious and use a better thread of one brand

Apron (white)

Dial a chain of 17VP (knit back and forth)
10 Rows of STSN
11R-UB, STSN. In each loop, UB
12R-3STSN VM, STSN in each loop, 3STSN VM 
Cut the thread, attach the thread in the upper corner and tie only the rounded part (waist not tie)
1r-stbn in each loop
2r-((STSN, VP, STSN, VP, STSN, VP, STSN) in one loop, skip loop) to the end
In the upper corners knit chains of the EAP or tie ribbons (for ties)

Hat (green color)

1r-6stbn in the ring
2r-(prib.) to end (12)
3r-(STBN, Prib.) End (18)
4r-(2STBN, Prib.) End (24)
5r-(3STBN, Prib.) End (30)
6-9 R.-Straight
10r-(4VP, STSN) in one loop, (STSN, VP, STSN) in one loop

Shawl, knitting of thin threads, so that it was light

1r-7STSN in the ring
Further knit back and forth
2r-2STSN in one loop, VP, STSN, VP, STSN, VP, (STSN, VP, STSN, VP, STSN, VP) in one loop, VP, STSN, VP, STSN, VP, 2STSN in one loop
Further up to the 14th row of knitting, adding at the beginning, middle and end of each row, in each row turns to 4 STSN more
15r-a row of stbn
16r-Tie a fringe or tie one row of elongated loops.

Glasses to twist from a wire, needles to make from toothpicks, on tips of which to dress beads, needles It is possible to paint with acrylic paint, a sample to link first on thin needles, and then to translate on toothpicks, toothpicks do not knit, they cling a lint Thread, teeth make from a short segment of satin ribbon (see photo), you can make a mustache under the nose.
Well here our mouse is ready, it is left to put it on a chair or simply on a shelf, or it is possible to give to fans of knitting. "


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