Amigurumi Cutie Bear Description

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For work you will need: 
· Thin yarn: brown for a bear, gray for a koala, black and white for a panda; 
turquoise, pink, green and white for tümünü göster scarves 
· Hook 2.00 mm 
· Needle 
· Fayberfil 
· Black felt (around the eyes of the panda and for the nose of the koala) and white felt (around the eyes of the koala) 
· Eyes 6 mm (for the bear) and eyes 7 mm (for the koala and panda) 
· Black cord 
· Embroidery threads black (for a bear and for embroidery a panda's nose) 
· Hook (can be made of wire) for hanging toys on the Christmas tree. 

KA - amigurumi ring Pr - increase of 
VP - air loop Ub-trimming 
Ubn - single crochet 

Take the yarn of the required color. 
(For pandas, rows 1-11 are knitted with white threads, 12-19 p. - black, 20-27 p. - 
1p: 6 sbn in the SV (6) 
2p: ex x 6 times (12)
3p: * sbn, pr * x 6 times (18) 
4p: * 2 sbn, pr * x 6 times (24) 
5p: * 3 sbn, pr * x 6 times (30) 
6r: * 4 sbn, pr * x 6 times (36) 
7r: * 5 sbn, pr * x 6 times (42) 
8r: * 6 sbn, pr * x 6 times (48) 
9-20r: 48 sbn (48) 

*** For Panda we change the white color on black after the 11th row. After the 19th row, change black to white. (That is, knit black 12-19 rows). 

21r: * 6 sbn, ub * x 6 times (42) 
22p: * 5 sbn, ub * x 6 times (36) 
23r: * 4 sbn, ub * x 6 times (30) 

Attach your eyes (cut out mugs made of felt, make small holes on the felt, pass eyes and attach on the toy. Embroider the nose and smile. Start filling the part with filler. 

24p: * 3 sbn, kill * x 6 times (24) 
25p: * 2 sbn, kill * 6 times (18)
26r: * 1 sbn, kill * x 6 times (12) 
27r: * kill * x 6 times (6) 
Finish work, sew up a hole. 

knit a chain of 62 VP 
1p: starting from the third loop from the hook, we knit semi-columns with one crochet (60). 
Change the color. 
2 p: Attach the thread in white. We knit 1 semi-column without nakida in the 1st loop, VP, 59 sbn 
3 p: Attach the color of the 1st row. 1 semi-column without nakid in the 1st loop, 2VP, 59 semi-columns with one nakida 
Finish work. 

At the ends of the scarf add a fringe, cut off, leaving the desired length. Scarf stick or sew a little below the mouth of the toy. 

EARS for bear and panda (2 pcs.) 
Use brown or black yarn 
1p: 5sbn in KA 
2p: prx 5 times (10)
3-4 p: 10 sbn (10) 
Finish work, leave a thread of sufficient length for sewing parts to the head. 

EARS for koalas (2 pcs.) 
Use gray yarn 
1p: 6 sbn in ka 
2p: prx 6 times (12) 
3-5r: 12 sbn (12) 
Finish work, leave the thread for sewing. Sew ears to the head. 
After sewed a scarf, sew the ears to the head. 

* Draw a thin cord through the top of the bear with a needle. Tie the ends into a knot and hide in the bear's head. 
* Thread the hook into the loop and hang the toy on the Christmas tree.


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