Amigurumi Monkey Free Pattern

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The toy turns out a small, souvenir version, so to speak)) 
The height of the sitting-about 8 cm, together with the paws-about 13 cm. 

I knit mostly from jeans, sometimes from another suitable one. Approx. 150m/50g. But nothing is wrong, if you choose the yarn of another thickness, just a toy will turn out more or less. The main thing is that both colors are the same thickness)

We will need:
-Yarn of two colors of the same thickness (I have 150-200m/50g)
-Hook (I have № 1.5)
-Two black beads 3-4 mm for eyes
-Four (wooden) beads 8-10 mm for hand-legs
-Thread for the embroidery of the rotor
-Needle, thread for sewing parts
-Filler (I have a hollofayber) 

SS-Connecting Column
VP-Air Loop
PRSPs-half-column with scale
D-Increment (2 in one base loop)
UB-Ubawka (2 SBN together)
The number in parentheses indicates how many bars are obtained in a row. 

All details are knit in a spiral. First, knit hands, legs, tail, then put them in the body. 

We start to knit with additional color.
1r-2 VP, 6 in the second loop from the hook
2r-6 D (12)
3-4 P-12
Insert Bead.
5r-6 UB (6)
Change the color on the main
6-15 R-6 Rne
Fold the part in half, both halves are put together (3 SBN) 


Knit as well as hands, only 1 row more. 


Knit chain of required length (I have 26 vp)
Next-1 row of connecting bars. 

Body and head (main color)
1r-2 VP, 6 in the second from the hook
2r-6 ol (12)
3r-(1 SBN, D) * 6 (18)
4r-(2 SBN, D) * 6 (24)
5r-Get the legs-3SBN (left leg), 2 SBN, 3 svn (right leg), 16 SBN (24)
6r-(3 SBN, D) * 6 (30)
7r-19 SBN, 2 SBN (get the tail), 9 SBN (30)
8-9 R-30 SBN
10R-(3 SBN, UB) * 6 (24)
11-13 R-24
14r-(2SBB, UB) * 6 (18)
15-16 R-18SBN
17р-Get the hands-3 SBN (left hand), 5 SBN, 3 SBN (right hand), 7 SBN (18)
18R-(1 SBN, UB) * 6 (12)
20R-(2SBB, UB) * 3 (9)
21р-9 Ave (18)
22r-(2SBB, D) * 6 (24)
23R-(3 SBN, D) * 6 (30)
24-28 R-30 SBN 
29R-(3 SBN, UB) * 6 (24)
30-31 R-24
32 R-(2 SBN, UB) * 6 (18)
33 R-(1SBN, UB) * 6 (12)
34 R-6 UB
Fasten the thread and hide it. 

Muzzle (additional color) 

1r-2 VP, 6 in the second from the hook
2r-6 D (12)
3r-(1 SBN, D) * 6 (18)
4r-18 SBN
5r-(2 SBN, D) * 6 (24)
6r-24 SBN
7p+-for the front half-loop-4 PRSPs of 1 loop, 2 SBN, 4 PRSPs of 1 loop, then knit for both half-loops-19 SBN, SS.
Leave the thread to be nailed. 

Ears (additional color)
1r-2VP, 5 in the second loop from the hook
2r-5 Ave (10)
On a straight side of the details we collect 3 more loops (on a hook 4 loops), we stretch a thread through all loops, bind. Leave the thread to be nailed. 

Face and ears are nailed. Face I draw first behind the rear half-loops, remaining at knitting of 7 rows, further in a circle. So the transition from a muzzle to a head is more clearly expressed. You can do as you prefer. 

Sew the eyes-beads, embroider the mouth. 

Decorate with bows, hats, scarves, etc.

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