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Girls, all good time of day!

As promised, I post a description of Pinetochek. I will try to tell about the work as much as possible, if questions arise, ask.
So, my pinetochki with a foot length of 10 cm. Knitted from ordinary acrylic crochet № 2. Some booties took 2.5 hank

Knit soles According to the following scheme:

Next we go to the main pattern, knit four columns with Crochets, and then connect the first and last column.

Bumps Vyvjazyvaem, catching the top edge of a lateral loop, that is knitting behind a back wall. Between knobs make an air loop, vyvjazyvaem them also through one loop. Knitting three rows.

Thread presious. We go to Mysku. Attach the thread to the side and knit 5 knobs, thread presious. Again attach the thread at the beginning of the series and repeat the previous manipulation, this time we get 6 knobs. In the same way knit the third row-5 knobs.

Toe is ready. We continue to knit in a circle. In my pinetochkah I made a tie. The two rows of knobs, a row of a column with crochets-two air loops-a column with Crochets (under a tie) and another row of knobs. That's what happened in the end.

Description ears (knit in a circle):
From an air loop vyvjazyvaem 10 columns without a throw, then from each column Vyvjazyvaem 2 columns without a throw and knitting without additions 4 sm. Then two rows of diminishes two loops. The ears are ready.

Embroider the spout, sew the ears and eyes, do the finish at will. I strapped the top with pink yarn and came bows.

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