Cardigan Model Free Pattern

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Jacket, skirt and scarf-all the details 
are rectangular in shape. Technology 
Crochet at this more 
Diverse. Run the jacket on 
Forces even beginners mohair 
A scarf with a similar pattern will be 
Bound then perfectly 
No problem. Although it is easy to 
Can be a perfect exercise 
For Beginners Masters, 
36-40 (42-46) 
You will need: yarn (natural cher- 
STi 100 m/5o g)-600 (650) G Fuchsia Hook N2 5, 
Pattern 1: Jagged pattern (number of loops of initial 
Number multiple and + 2) = knit consent. Schema. Start 
From the hinges before the Rapportom, rapport constantly 
Create, finish the loop after rapport. Ful 
5-Th series, then constantly repeating 
2nd-5th series. 
Pattern 2: Strap pattern = art. c/N in circular rows. 
Each circular row start with the Z initial VP 
Instead of the 1st art. c/N and finish 1 Conn. Art, in 
Slednjuju Initial VP 
Density of Knitting: pattern 1-and P. x 7 r. = 10x 10 cm; 
Pattern 2-in P. x 7.5 circle. R. = Lo x 10 cm. 
Description of the robots: Run a chain of 156 
VP + W VP Lifting and Knit pattern 1, through 
87 cm = 61 row from the initial near to finish the robot. 
Assembly: run-side seams but length 30 
See Rirjund Popo 
Lam Ancevoj STOROAO {1 int, for • Cuffs Obvja- 
Art. &/or in circular rows. Che 
Ty Armhole 
21 cm% T start tying the Zokonchit robot. 

2-Lool. I Moby 
The mini-Yubko for our three-piece costume is made by the Tunisian viscous. Izyskonnye 
Diagonal strips are obtained as a result of lateral additions and decreases, as well as 
Thanks to the yarn of sectional dyeing of the original colouring. 
A skirt made of Tunisian viscous 
: 34/36 (38) dod2 
You will need: yarn (10096 natural wool; 
100 m/5o g)-250 (Zoo) 350 g orange-red-brown- 
Howling Seshhionnogo crumbling; Tunisian hook NQ 5. 
The main pattern of the Tunisian viscous: each row ture 
It consists of 2 receptions-direct and reverse series. Knit 
Only on the front side of the robots. Start with a chain 
of VP + VP Lifting. 1st straight row: From the 2nd loop from 
Hook and from each next VP grab on the pet- 
Le and leave on the hook. The 1st and all subsequent 
Feats Series: Perform additional VP abrupt- 
Ma, then tie on 2 loops together until the end 
There will be only a loop on the hook. This loop 
is the starting loop of the next row. 
2-nd and all subsequent straight rows: through each 
The next vertical link of the loops of the previous 
Row grab the loop and leave on the hook. Consequences 
Dataprom the loop to capture and stretch from the last vertical- 
Kalnoy the Loop link. Constantly slediљ for has- 
Number of loops. 
Strap Pattern: st, 6/N in spiral circular rows, with 
Only insert the hook behind the back wall of the hinges 
The previous circular series. Zokonchit Conn. Art. 
Density of knitting: the main pattern of the Tunisian viscous is 
and P. x 11.5 r. = 10 x yu cm; The pattern of the lath is 10.5 p. x 16 circle. R. 
= 10 x 10 cm. Attention: Dimensions but pattern partially 
Obtained when measuring the model. 
Job Description: Run a chain of 72 (76) 
80 VP + VP Lifting and knit main pattern 
Tunisian viscous. At the same time for diagonal 
Uzorfubovit location in a row of 
Right Edge Robots 79 (84) 
P. and add 
On the left Faju Rabb * s 1 p. For this purpose at the end of each 
Type of the range of the work from the left edge of the 
Optional loop and at the end of each reverse 
Krjuch the last Z of the 
Ke loops together. The number of loops remains unchanged. 
Through 68 cm = 78 rows (73 cm = 84 series) 78 cm = 90 OC- 
From the initial row to finish the job. 
Assembly: Stitching = sew the initial and the next 
Rows. For Plankshhobvjazrt right cut robots 78 
Uzorompoonki loops, Lrju jetomsbotvetstven- 
But Priporazhivaj Obegi: after 5 cm from the beginning of the elm- 
Plonkjvokonchit the robot. 
For the Tunisian mating step On

Attention: To equip one bottom edge of the 
Delia turn up and as a collar yet 
Once unbend outward. 

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