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Widely known in narrow circles is the "Skirt on the diagonal" or, in the original, Lanesplitter Skirt from designer Tina Whitmore. Fit 2 days in front of the smooth surface or garter stitch, the number of variations is limited only by the imagination knitters: You can combine two different Artistic, one can unwind skeins and start with different sections, you can take one Artistic and dilute the monotonous ... 

takes about 300 grams of wool in depending on the hips and the desired length. When knitting an original skirt, the author did not bother by joining strips around the seam, but the meticulous Russian knitters manage to perfectly fit the sections, removing part of the thread of unnecessary color and making a knit stitch. 


Skirt girth (on the pattern on the bottom of the product): 26 [28, 32, 36, 40, 44, 48, 52] inches (1 inch - 2.5 cm). 
Length: 18 [18.5, 19, 19.5, 20, 21, 22, 23] inches. 
Choose to knit size 0-15 cm less than your hips, depending on the desired fit. For accurate fit, the belt is gated. 

The skirt is knitted simultaneously from two skeins of the same color (the original yarn has long color transitions), two rows in each color (A is one skein, B is the other skein). Be sure to start knitting from different color transitions to get the effect as on the original. If you have one skein, take the thread from the middle of the coil as the second thread, make sure you knit in different color sections. 

Knitting order: 
Plot with additions:
type 4 loops (thread A), 
knit 1 row with front, 1 row with purl. 
Take thread B and knit: 
1st row (front side): knit two loops from one face, knitting the front of the front and back walls (hereinafter - LPZ), then facing up to the end of the row, LPZ 
2 row: all the loops are facing 
Thread A 
3 row : LPZ, front to end of row, LPZ 
4 row: all loops are purl 
Repeat rows 1-4 until the right edge of the product reaches dimensions 18 [18.5, 19, 19.5, 20, 21, 22, 22] inches, or the desired length of the product . 
Plot of direct knitting: 
1 row (thread B): remove the two loops as the front ones, insert the left knitting needle by the front walls and tie them together with the front one (hereinafter - Broach), knit the faces to the last loop, LPZ
2 row (thread B): all loops are front 
3 row (thread A): broach, knit faces to the last loop, LPZ 
4 row (thread A): all loops are back 

Knit rows 1-4, until the left edge of the work reaches 26 [ 28, 32, 36, 40, 44, 48, 52] inches or the desired girth of the skirt 
Plot with subtraction: 
1 row (thread B): broach, knit with faces up to 2 last loops, 2 loops together faces 
2 row (thread B): all loops front 
3 row (thread A): broach, knit facial up to 2 last loops, 2 loops together faces 
4 row (thread A): all loops purl 
Repeat rows 1-4 until you have 4 loops left. Close the loops, tear off the thread, leaving the thread to stitch the product (about 1 m)

Hide the tips, except the long thread for stitching the side seam. Perhaps your product will not be evenly shaped - moisten it, pin it with pins so that the product will look like a rectangle and let it dry. Sew the side seam.
Decide which side you will be making the belt: with cotton thread from your face, type loops on the circular needles 104 [112, 128, 144, 160, 176, 192, 208] (4 per inch, i.e. 16 loops per 10 cm). Lock the loop in the ring, mark the junction. Knit a rubber band 2x2 (2 persons, 2 w) until the belt is tied to a height of about 6 cm. Close the loop freely. Cut the thread, leaving about 1.5 m for small sizes and 2 m for large sizes. Turn out the skirt, bend the belt in half and hem the loose end, leaving a small area for threading the elastic band. Adjust the desired gum length and insert into the belt. Sew the gum ends. Sew the open part of the belt, hide the ends of the threads. 

It is also possible to tie this skirt on the car, both on the double-ended and single-sided 
Author: alexanata from Osinki

Explanation of knitting on the machine from the author: 

1. The front side is the wrong side, the main thread Kauni ping beige 8/2 square. By car 10, and white, from old stocks, a little shaggy, in a reel. 
2. knitted from the diagonal, knitted seam, where he does not know. The main canvas in one direction diminished (added), the yoke in the other + on the yoke through three white stripes made CV on half of the needles to reduce the canvas to the waist (seen in the photo, if you look closely). 
3. at the top of the skirt, crocheted the chain stitch across the face (in my case, the wrong side), then knitted the UBN, piercing the canvas with a hook in the middle of the chain stitch of the chain stitch, and tied it with a stride step — it would still not be visible, because I will dress the top of the kofteyku, and also knit it with a thin elastic band.
4. for the scar, the thread took 2 additions (white in the photo), unlike Jacquard (there is 1 single thread). 
Knitted on a punched card from the main set No. 1 in press mode (Tuck) - 2 rows, then stopped the PC, the pattern selection knob on the front surface and 4 rows of the front smoothing with a color thread, then turned on the PC, the pattern selection knob on the “Tuck” - 2 rows white etc. Without a punched card on a single-hole machine, expose needles in the PNP (do not knit) through the needle with a select comb 1 row, the second row in a checkerboard pattern.
I added (diminished) simultaneously in every second row (for example, even), i.e. on the side of the carriage, she nominated 1 needle in the RP, on the opposite side, 2 along the loops. She picked up and finished knitting with a thread, then sewed a knit stitch around the open loops, so the seam is not visible, it turns out not to be vertical, but rather describes the figure in a "spiral". 

Arrow - knitting direction. 
Dial the number of loops based on the length of the skirt * 1.4 
In each second row at the beginning of the row - one loop is added, at the end of the row - one loop is reduced. Get such a "diamond". 

Another explanation from zezebra on knitting by car: 

It took me about 150 grams.
But: I had remnants of 2 colors (Blue-lil and Black-lil) about 100 grams each. I picked up the colors so that the purple ones didn’t hit each other, so I had to wind one of the glomeruli. 
Color sections are located as follows: 
1 roll: Blue - Purple - Dark Blue 
2 skein: Purple - Gray - Black 
Knitting I finished exactly when color yarn went to the second round 
Ie it is better to take some stock to match the color if you want to make a striped skirt. And if you knit with one cloth without changing the thread, then 150 grams for 44-46 Russian size will suffice (in my opinion, this is 36 European, right?) 
And depends on the length of the skirt of course.
I gained 170 loops, in each second row on the left I took down one loop, on the right - I exhibited a new needle. The machine has 200 needles, so every 60 rows it was necessary to remove the loops on the knitting needle and outweigh the beginning. In total, 240 rows were knitted (density 8, Silver Reed SK280 machine). 
The length of the skirt after washing - as much as 58 centimeters! A girth is 74 cm. 
(I would have had a length of 10 cm less, and a girth of 10 cm more) 
If you dial 140-145-150 loops, then the length of the skirt will be shorter, and the loops will have to be less tolerated. And from the same amount of yarn comes a wider skirt. 
And if it works out a little bit, it's not scary! You can tie a yoke, belt wider. In any case, the belt will be covered from above by clothes.

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