Step by Step Amigurumi Doll

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Amigurumi Doll :

Start with the head. We collect the thread from which we will have hair two air loops, in the first loop Vvjazyvaem 6stbn and start to knit in a circle, the 2nd row: raise, in each loop on 2, get 12 loops, the 3rd row make a raise through one loop, get 18, and so on in each row we are up to Surgeons add 6 loops evenly, catch to 36 pet. Then change the thread, the one from which will be the body and knitting without additions on 36 pet in each row as many rows as necessary, if we want to have a girl with an oblong face, you have to tie a larger number of rows, and if Kruglolicuju, the opposite,

Then we start to do decreases. At first ubavku do through 4pet, we get 30pet in a row, then through 3p-24p, and thus to 18 pet.

Resulting head must be beaten

Beat Sintepuhom, if the finger does not work, then help yourself with a stick wooden.
Then the responsible occupation: Another row-ubavochnyj, decreases through one loop, get 12pet in a row. And to Sintepuh not clinging to the hook, you can thick-tip the wand overshadow it off the hook, like so

Well or finger, like this

Then knit several rows (arbitrary number) without decreases, it will be

Now make hanger. That they were not sloping, it is necessary to make a raise in each loop on two, we will get 24pet

In the next row make a raise through 3pet, get 30

Take a thread of another color, it will be the top of the dress

Knit several rows without a raise, the number of rows arbitrarily

Note for yourself that somewhere here should be a waist, and the next row knit only for one wall, to the second will be tied skirt

Take a thread of another color (such we will have a skirt and panties)

Tied up some number of rows, hammering

15pet, we're going to have legs now.

Now we have 15 pet in every lap. Vyvjazyvaem Legs-pants. Cut the thread, leaving the long end, so it is necessary.
My legs will be prishivnymi today, so I decided.
For this we take a thread of the colors that we will have shoes. Knit a chain of 2 pet, the first 6stbn, then in the second round in each loop make a raise, get 12pet

Knit three rows up and put inside mozhzhevelovuju bead for the smell

Thread, which for the body, knit several rows, hammer

Sew to calf knitted seam

It was ugly, but we'll fix it later.
The same thing with the second leg. Turned Raskorjaka

Plié Our girl got such an ugly hole, sew it with a green thread, no wonder we left a long end

It turned out so

And no longer Raskorjaka

Now we have to tie her skirt. Clings for the rest of the wall, which we have prepared at the waist

Here it is necessary to make Ptbs, and in the next ranks to make uniform raises, at first through two loops, in the following ranks after three, four etc.

Then at some point we decided that all, enough, and knit without additions

Finished skirt, now we have to make 

It turned out somehow so

What about our legs? We have to fix something. And let's do it and there frills

Now apron
Knit absolutely on the eye chain of the EAP and on them ticks from STSN make the series
Here I have camera glued and photos fartuchka in work no
Apron sewed to skirt

And that it did not rise, have sewed it also from below to skirt two stitches on corners
Hands. Almost the same as with the legs, 12pet in a circle Tom, three rows up, the bead inside

We do ubavku once in a row

It turns the bend. When it remains 6pet, we finish simply,

Now the hair. Cut a single length of thread, 6shtuk, and here is the way to divide

Goes not tight braid, and then hang out will

The hat itself. Its knitting is similar as knitted head. That is, reached 36 loops in a row and knit without additions several rows. Put to the head to understand where to stop, the ruffles, sewed a hat

Something is missing, I thought and made a white stripe on the hat

Embroider the eyes, embroider the mouth, belt and lacing on the blouse, and it stands and already smiling at you

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