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1. Yarn (ideally) YarnArt Jeans 55% cotton, 45% polyacryl, 160 m. / 50gr. It will take 2 colors of light and darker (when knitting with the same crochet as I will have enough for one skein). 
2. A hook suitable for yarn (I have No. 2); 
3. The filler; 
4. Wire: 3 pieces of 40 cm, a thickness of 0.8 mm. Wire: 6 pieces of 6 cm, 2 pieces of 8 cm, 2 mm thick; 
5. A bundle of yarn "grass" or similar for decoration; 
6. 2 beads measuring 6 mm; 
7. 2 ribbons for decor (wide and narrower); 
8. Toning; 
9. Marker for the fabric / paint on the fabric for drawing (very simple drawing); 
10. Button; 
11. Needle for stitching; 
12. Strong yarn for stitching parts; 
13. Pointed pins;
14. Adhesive moment crystal (transparent); 
15. Mass for modeling (any). 
Extras. materials: 
1. Glue PVA; 
2. 2 CDs of the CD; 
3. 2 pieces of white dense fabric measuring 16x16 cm; 
4. Napkin for decoupage coloring different from the color of yarn; 
5. Wide flat brush; 
6. Press (4-5 thick books fit); 
7. Braid for decoration; 
8. Varnish (acrylic glossy) for coating.

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    I've followed this little guy all the way from Pinterest. I would absolutely love to make him!!!