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Yarn Schachenmayr Baby Smiles Merino Wool (100% Wool, 25 g/85 m) 2 Motka Natural (OCC) color and 1 skein pink, violet and blue colors; Spokes straight or circular 3 mm, braid for Banta width about 1 cm and length 50 cm

Density of knitting

28 Loops and 36 series = 10x10 cm facial smoothness

Description of the toy spokes

Diagrams: Thread of the OCC knit facial smooth torso, head and ears, 1 cell = 1 loop, chrome. shown on the diagram. Multicolored specks are performed by embroidery of the tied cloth after the details are connected.

Front part of Trunk

Start knitting with one paw, for this dial 4 p. and knit according to the scheme, starting with the faces. Series, at the same time it is necessary to type or close loops on each side as shown in the diagram. After 22 rows transfer the remaining 15 p. to the additional. The needle, the thread is not cut off. For the Second Paw Dial 3 p. From the new ball and start knitting facial smoothness from the 1st row, after 23 rows to transfer the remaining 15 loops on the additional. Spoke.

On the trail. Persons. P. Projazat 15 p. The first Paw, dial 1 new P., then knit 15 p. Second Paw and at the end to dial 2 new loops, transfer all 33 p. on additional. Spoke.

For the tail to dial 5 p. and Projazat 23 rows of the scheme, starting with the 1st row = 15 p. Now continue knitting, starting with the head, from the loops of the tail, then 33 p. Postponed loops = 52 P. Continue knitting on the scheme until the height of the part will be 18.5 cm (66 series on the scheme) , close the remaining 14 p.

The back of the torso is knit symmetrically to the front part.


Dial 14 p. and knit facial smoothness on the scheme, after 40 rows (11 cm) Close the remaining 13 loops.


To collect 9 loops and to knit on a scheme of a face smooth, having started with 1-st persons. P., performing the decrease and addition on the scheme. After 20 rows close the remaining 9 p.


Assemble to perform on the photo. To start, it is necessary to embroider in one thread with the help of a corkscrew needle (see photo). Sew the details of the trunk and head together, leaving a hole in the neck area. Fill and sew them together. On paws to embroider a thread of violet colour in three addition of a claw, on a muzzle in the same way to embroider eyes, a nose and a mouth, and as a chubchik.

Sew the ears around the edges and sew their head.

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