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Even if you have never knitted amigurumi, but at least have a little crochet, you will be able to tie such a doll. And if your daughter participates in the process of choosing the colors of yarn, this doll will be very expensive for her.

The size of the doll in the photo is about 16 cm. The size of your doll will depend on the selected yarn.



yarn (possible residues): flesh-colored for legs, arms, body and head; white for shoes, corsage and sleeves-lanterns; purple for skirt; purple for a wig; black for belt and hair; eyebrow (brown) and mouth (pink) threads
main hook - recommended by your yarn manufacturer - for most parts
extra hook - larger numbers - for skirt and wig
eyes - "carnations" (also eyes can be embroidered)
small fancy beads, for example, a rosette as a brooch and 2 green turtles as hairpins
holofiber or other stuffing material
embroidery or darning needle
sewing needle and thread for sewing beads

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