Crochet Pear Free Pattern

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Finished dimensions (near diameter x height): 4 x 5 cm.

For knitting pear crochet you will need:

Residues of yarn of light green and brown colors;

Hook № 2.25;


Tapestry Needle.

Abbreviations used
VP-Air Loop
SS-Connecting Column
PRS-Column without a throw
D-2 PRS in one loop
UB-2 PRs to bind together
()-The value in the brackets at the end of the series denotes resulting number of PRS in a row, or number of rows, which fit without changes
() x-Repeat the specified number of times the instruction data in brackets
Circle. R.-Circular Series (knit in a circle)

How to knit a pear hook

Knitting Pear
Green thread to tie the 4 VP and connect them to the SS in the ring. Next knit in a circle, at the beginning of each row do 1 VP for lifting, and finish a row 1 SS in this p.
Circle. R. 1 (Persons side): 6 PRS (6)
Circle. R. 2: (d) x 6 (12)
Circle. R. 3: (d, 1 prs) x 6 (18)
Circle R. 4: (d, 2 PRS) x 6 (24)
Circle R. 5: (d, 3 PRS) x 6 (30)
Circle. R. 6-9:30 PRS (4 rows)
Circle R. 10: (UB, 3 PRS) x 6 (24)
Circle R. 11: (UB, 2 PRS) x 6 (18)
Circle. R. 12-14:18 PRS (3 rows)
Fill with Pear
Circle. R. 15: (UB, 1 PRS) x 6 (12)
Circle R. 16: (UB) x 6 (6)
Knitting finish, thread trimmed, leaving the long end of the thread for sewing. 

Knitting twig
Brown thread to tie 10 VP. Insert a sprig into the top of the pear and fasten it together with the green thread.

Crocheted Pear is ready!


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