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Difficulty: above average
Work time: 2 days
Materials: acrylic, sponges, hook, filler, sintepon, cardboard, needle, scissors, thread
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In order to tie such a sofa, we need the cheapest,
Karachai acrylic, it is great for knitting furniture because
The product turns out to be rough and tough and keeps the right
You will need:
- Acrylic thread of the right colors;
- sponges for washing dishes 2 pieces;
- the hook;
- filler sintepon;
- cardboard;
- a needle and a pair of scissors.

VP - air loop;
Art. - a column without a crochet;
p / st. - polustolbik without a crochet;
item / s nak. - a column with a crochet.
We select by a pale-lilac thread 24 VP, then we knit in a straight line 20
rows, the size of the knitted fabric should match the dimensions of the two

Next, we tie in a circle with columns with a crochet, 1 row of light- green yarn, and the second row we knit the columns with a cake of pink thread.

Sponges for washing dishes are ideal for internal filling.

We knit an upholstery for sitting, we type a pink thread 24 ВП and knitting drawing according to the scheme.

Next, take the cover with a picture and sew a needle to the finished basis.

It turns out here is such a pillow.

Back A pink thread we type 24 EP and we knit a back in the form of a heart. We knit the heart from the bottom up. 1 row: 23 tbsp. 2 series: 23 items per second. 3 row: further we do one increase at both ends 4 row: 25 tbsp. 5 row: one increase at both ends 6 row: 27 tbsp. 7th row: one increase at both ends 8 row: 29 tbsp. 9 row: one increase at both ends 10 row: 31 tbsp. 11-16 rows: We knit in a straight line without any increase 17 row: one reduction on both edges 18 series: 29 tbsp. 19 row: one reduction on both edges 20 row: 27 tbsp.

Next, we knit up at the heart, for this use the diagram below.

Here is a heart-shaped back. We knit 2 identical details in the form of heart.

Cut out cardboard heart shape and paste between two parts and tying it with a tambour seam (half-shell without a crochet).

Flowers 1 row: We select by a yellow thread 2 EP and we close in a ring, we sew 6 items = 6 tbsp. Next, go to any other color for petals. 2nd row: * 3 VP. , 3 tbsp. with nak. , 3 VP in the previous row * repeat from * to * 5 times

Then we sew flowers.

We sew the flowers in turn.

Sew the backrest to the seat.

Armrest Green thread is typed 23 VP and knit in a straight line 21 row. Further we select an orange thread 21 VP and knit in a straight line 7 rows.

Next we sew the orange part to the green one, as shown in photos below.

We select a light green thread 2 VP, then we knit in a circle 6 items, 12 items, and further 11 EP.

Then 10 tbsp. and in a circle with additions * 1st. , 2st. in the previous series * repeat from * to * 6 times = 18st. And another 10 tbsp. in a straight line.

It turns out here is such an accessory for the armrest.

We make 2 items of light green color and 2 details of green.

Next, take the armrest, fold in half as shown below on photos and connect with a tambour seam (half-columns without a crochet).

Insert the envelope into the cardboard.

Here are the 2 armrests turned out.

Next, sewing the needle fittings to the armrest from the back side.

Then fill it with sintepon.

And we sew light green accessories from the front side.

Here are the ready-made armrests.

Then we sew the armrests to the seat and back.

Here is such an uncomplicated and creative sofa for dolls turned out. Thank you

Source : https://vk.com/lyubov_komkova_knitting

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