Knitting Glove Free Pattern

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Yarn Adriafil Camel (10096 Camel, 133mf251p) 301 P 
Spokes 2mm (or required to achieve the desired size) 
The density of ZBP is 
Mar Xra 
Elastic band • • I. L., 1, repeat from 
Elastic Band 2 • Row 1 faces, 1st, repeat * 
2nd row _ 1 persons scrape, Elijah, repeat from 
Left Mial: RNA 
Dial 58 ", knitting [or Rubber Band 1. 
1row (1 Persons Scrich, 1izn), 1 persons scrim, BLISHCH pattern on the scheme, Blitz, (slot scraper, 
1 N) 7 rzhz 
2row (1 persons Cross, 1 persons) 6 times, 1 persons scrim "Blitz, 1911 on the scheme, Blic (1 persons Scrich, 1 persons) 
Zrow (1li11 Scrape,] izn) Brie, Scrip, Blitz, 1911 pattern on the scheme, Blitz, (1lin scrape 
1 izn) Zraz 
4ryal (1 persons Cross, 1 persons), 1 persons scrape, blitz, pattern on the scheme, Blitz, (1 persons scrape 
1persons) 7 times 

Repeated the 2gsluda series of descriptions, until the length of 50 series CUG inlaid edge. 
In the next row we begin to add the thinning for the finger: Knitting 911 Rubber Band 2, Vyvyazka from 
The markers, the marker, the marker, the Vyvjaz & the 1persons of the irony, the knitting to the end of the series O 
Description, Knit straight Zrow, track series 9p Rubber Band 2, 1 persons ISRSD first marker, 
To knit out of the stretch, MARDAC, persons, MARDAC, Vyvyazhki from the stretch, knit to the end 
Series on the description, POV • Treut. Add up to the ashram as long as you add 16 new peals 
Track Number: 8 Rubber Band 2, SNU on pin, dialed Z ", knit by description to 
End of the Rdza " 
Track Series (1 tr circuits) 13p Rubber Band 2, Blitz, circuit, Blitz, 14p Rubber Band 2, 

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