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Colombian Indians handmade. Exquisite in ornament and colors. Dense knitting and woven handles are a very convenient option for bags. For me it was a mystery how to knit such a tight knit - by the way, the same luxurious viscous knitted luxury hats. It turned out, the secret is that knitting is not turned over after the end of the row, but knit back from the same side with the left hand. 
Below is a video with a detailed master-class of such knitting from a connoisseur and collector of traditional Indian crafts. 

Here you can read how to crochet a Colombian mochilu (pouch-bucket) or a handbag of another style with a Jacquard pattern. The jacquard crochet is much more interesting than knitting. Knitting is dense, beautiful. In this technique, you can associate any thing.

1. First we knit a circle with columns without a crochet (like a hat) - the bottom. In each row there is an increase of 6 columns. 
!Important! Additions are better to do not as in the scheme, but to shift them - in each next row to pass after the increase in the lower row of the loop or two. Then the circle will be more even, without corners. We knit a circle to the desired diameter. The optimal size - about 25 cm (20 cm it seemed to me a little narrowly). 
Knit is desirable as tight as possible. 
2. Having reached the right width of the bag, we begin to knit the "bucket" directly, without adding up to the desired height.
3. At the top in one of the rows make holes for the cord - pass through several loops and make as many air loops. In the next row, fasten the posts without the crochet over the VP. I got 12 holes, I liked how the handbag is going to fold. 
4. We knit the handle of the bag. It is desirable to strengthen it with a lining. 
5. Make the shoelaces. You can braid braids, you can tie. My version - a chain of air loops of double folded thread, and then embroidery with a contrasting thread, as a result, the rope looks like a woven. We pass through the holes. 
6. We do brushes, we attach to shnurochkam. 
7. We sew lining, this if desired. The handbag is ready. 
She crocheted surprisingly quickly! 

Carol Ventura, who mastered this method of knitting perfectly, tells that she first met him in Guatemala, where colorful bags and hats associated in this style are very popular. Then, as it always does (we see and hear what we know about ), she was convinced that such knitting is popular all over the world.

The non-working thread passes inside the columns with the crochet, and the working thread changes to a thread of a different color when there are 2 unconnected loops of the previous color on the hook.

After looking at all this beauty, we knit the mochilu for ourselves! Good luck to all!

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