Crochet Stylist Sweater Free Pattern

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Dimensions: S/M/L/XL/XXL 
You need: 8/9/10/11712 ILO- 
228,561 yarn Bergere de 
France caline (6096 acrylic, 20% wool. 
polyamide, 190 m/5o g); Spokes N2 
2.5, 1 additional spoke. 
Facial surface: Faces. R.-Persons. P., IPMs. 
R.-IPMs. P. 
Pearl Gum: 
T: J-Rcdic,); 1 person, • 1 IPMs, 1 persons. On 
Create from * to *. 
2nd R.: 1 IPMs., * 1 double persons. P. (Enter 
The right needle into the loop under the 
1st P. On the left spoke. Associate 1 persons., SPU- 
Neglects the hinge with the left spoke). 1 IPMs. On 
Create from * to *. 
Repeat 1-st and 2-nd R. 
Density of knitting. Pearl Rubber- 
Ka, spokes NQ 2ђ: 26 p. and 48 R. = 10 x 10 
Backrest: Dial 117/127/137/147/ 
161 p. Link 4 cm 16 p.) Persons. Gla 
Dew. Continue Pearl rubber- 
Hell. Starting: As in the description/as in 
Description/As in the description/as in the 
Sleds/starting and ending 2 persons. 
Instead of 1. Through 45/46/46/47/48 cm 
214/218/218/222/228 R.) From the 
Bourne Edge Close for Raglan 
4/4/474/5 p., knit 2 p. IPMs. Surface 
Loop remaining on the right spoke 
After Ubavlenij, + 1 IPMs.). Then 
Knit the series to the end. In the next row 
(on IPMs side) close 4/4/414/5 p., 
Link 2 p. IPMs. Surface (= loop, remainder- 
Sive on the right spoke after Ubavle- 
1 persons.), 105/115/125/135/147 
P. Pearl Rubber Band, 2 p. IPMs. Surface 
= 109/119/129/139/151 p. link 
474/4/2/2 R. According to the picture. Then reduce 
On both sides at a distance of 4 p. from 
Edges: 5 x 2 P. In each 6 R., 6 x 2 p. b 
Each of the 8-th/1o x 2 p. In each 6-th R., 
3 2 p. In each 8-m/13 x 2 p. 
House 6-th... 2 p. In each 8-th/17 x 2 
P. In each 6-m/5 x 2 p. In each 4th 
R., 14 x 2 p. In each 6-th. 
For subtraction 2 p. At a distance of 4 p. from 
Edges: Tie 2 IPMs., 1 persons., 1 IPMs., remove 
2 p. on additional. Spoke at work, tie 
Together persons. 1st P. With left spokes and 1 p. 
With extra. Spokes. Then together IPMs. 2nd P. S 
Additional. Spokes and Sledujushhuto p. With the left spokes, 
At the end of the series. When the left Spoke 
Violent 8 p., to remove 2 p. on the additional. Spoke before 
Work. Link together IPMs. 1 p. with extra. 
Spokes and 1 p. With the left spokes. Then Instea- 
Persons. 2-nd p. with extra. Spokes and the following 
P. With left spokes. 1 IPMs.. 1 persons. , 2 IPMs. = 
65/67 [69/71/75 p. After Ubavlenij for 
Raglan Link 7/777/5/5 R. and close 
All hinges for neck cut. 
Before: Knit like a back. 
Sleeves: Dial 57/59/61/65/67 p. 
Link 4 cm 16 R.) Persons. Surface. About 
Continue a pearl rubber band. Starting 
and finishing: 1 IPMs/As in the description/1 
IPMs./1 IPMs./As in the description, PRIBAV- 
Impressing on both sides at a distance of 1 p. 
From the Edge: B X 1 P. in each 18th.. 5 x 1 
P. In each 16-th R. d4 x 1 P. In each 
14-M R./15 x 1 P. In each 12-th, 2 x 
1 p. In each 10-th R./5 x 1 p. In each 
12-R., 14 x 1 p. In each 10-th R./9 x 
1 p. In each 10-th R., 14 x 1 p. in every 
House 8-r. = 79/87/95/1037113 p. 
Res 47/48/48/48/48 cm 222/228/ 
228/228/228 R.) From the set edge of the 
Hide. Then reduce on both sides. As 
On the backside = 27 p. After Ubavlenij 
Ty 7/7/7/5/5 R. and close all loops. 

Cut Strap: Dial 163/170/177/ 
183/190 p. Tie 4 cm (= 16 p.) persons. 
and postpone the loops. 
Assembly: Perform Raglan seams. When 
Stitching the hinge into the loop with the strap to the 
Reza Neck. Sew Short Edges 
Planks, on the first 12 p.-On persons. Stakeholders 
Not. Carry seams and lateral 
Seams, on the first 12 р.-On persons. Side. 
Let the plank, the bottom of the sweater and 
Sleeves and fasten the swirling edge 
Several stitches. 

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