Amigurumi Bunny and Bear

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Rubbers are small. The diameter is about 3 cm.

That's what we need.

Yarn "Narcissus" (cotton, Kirov NPK), hook №1. To this we add another piece of red yarn for flowers and two red beads.
For the two rubber bands we will tie 4 parts with sand colored ears, and 2 brown circles according to the scheme. 

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Disguise all the ends of the thread on the wrong side, cut. Separate the parts with an iron on both sides.

Sew the brown circles to the "heads". To do this, you can use the usual thread and needle for sewing. Sew gently, with unseen stitches. 

Take the needle with a large eyelet (embroidery) and black yarn embroider the elements on the muzzles.

Change the needle thread to a black thread in the needle. Fold together the 2 parts and sew them, as shown in the picture.

Do not cut the thread from the wrong side, sew the rubber. 

It remains to connect the scheme and sew flowers. The middle of each is decorated with a small red bead. Our Teddy bears are ready!

These are two little gray bunny for pigtails and tails of a baby. 

For knitting, you will need cotton yarn, beads, hooks and rubber bands.

For each decoration, you need to link two gray parts and one white. 

Here is the diagram:

Smooth out and strip off all the details on both sides. To one of the gray parts, sew a rubber band as shown in the picture. 

On the other side, on the front side, sew a white circle. Black yarn embroider eyes and mustache. Connect both parts with a needle and thread as shown in the photo. 

Tie and sew a bow. His middle beaded with beads. Bunny is ready! It remains to bind him a couple :-)

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