Amigurumi Birds

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 My son caught the bird today. Judging by the tropical color, presumably a parrot)
Height 7 cm, length with tail 12 cm, cotton, sintepukh, beads.

The inspiration was the picture found on Osinka.

The description found in the same place was helpful.

Slightly modified: 1p - 6 St, 2p - 12st, 3p - 18st, 4p - 14st, 5p - 30st, 6p - 36st, then straight, in the last row the stripes on the neck added 6 tablespoons in the back, then straight; Dips - 6ст, 7ст, 8ст, 9ст, two together, pull together. Tail: a chain of 7 loops, in the 3rd loop of ssn, in the next 4 loops on ssn, from the other side of the chain 5 ssn, connected with the initial ssn, knit 8 more rows in a circle, add 2 ssn in the 10th row ( total 12), 11r - sbn, add 3 (total 15), 12 p - 15sbn. Strengthened plastic cut from sour cream cup. A little padding polyester at the base of the tail. 

There is an assumption that if you add 3 stations in the back area, starting from the head you will get a sloping back as in the picture, but this will be another bird ...

Source : https://www.liveinternet.ru/users/rybuhina/post164723038/

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