Crochet Toy Car Tutorial

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You will need:
remnants of average yarn
green, white, orange and
brown flowers, hook number 2.
Body: draw a green thread 13 air. P .
1st row - knit art. b / n in each loop.
2-21-rd series - knit art. with / n. Thread the cut
and secure. Attach the white thread and
knit the 1st row - 12 tbsp. b / n, expand the work.
2nd row - reduce on both sides 1
Art. = 10 tbsp. b / n. 3rd row - knit evenly. 4 th
row - reduce on both sides 1 st. = 8 tbsp.
5th row - knit smoothly. 6th row - reduce with
both sides of 1 tbsp. = 6 tbsp. Thread the cut
and secure.
Side parts (2 parts): orange
thread, type 11 air. to crochet
chains of Art. b / n 1 row. Then change
thread on the green and knit in a circle st. b / n
1 row, adding to the corners of 3 tbsp. Then
bind 1 row of Art. with / n. Thread the cut
and secure. Connect the sides with
body posts b / n, crocheting
both parts. Do not tear off the thread, tie
windshield. Then change the thread
on orange and b / n tying
only the edges of the body.
Wheels (4 parts): type orange thread
4 air. etc., close the chain in the ring.
In the center of the ring, tie in 8 tbsp. 6 / n. Change
thread on brown and knit in a circle 2
a number of art. b / n, evenly adding in each
series of 5-7 st. Finish the job. Sew
wheels to the car.
Numbers (2 parts): a white thread in two pieces
type 10 air. etc., bind 1
a number of art. b / n. Sew the numbers to the body.
Headlights (2 parts): type orange thread
5 air. etc., close the ring. In the center
ring knit 10 tbsp. b / n. Sew a spotlight
to the body.

Orange typewriter You will need: remnants of medium-thick yarn orange, blue, black, remnants of yarn {100% cotton) yellow colors, sintepon, hook №З, hook №1,25. Bottom of the machine: black thread crochet No. 3 tie in 15 air. etc., knit 6 rows of art. 6 / n, adding on the turns to 5 points. 7-th row - knit art. 6 / n. 8-9th series - orange thread knit art. 6 / n. 10th row of Art. 6 / n, in front part lower 3 p. 11th row - evenly Reduce 5 points. Divide the knitting into 2 parts. Front: knit art. 6 / n, in in the middle lower 5 pts, unfold knitting - Art. s / n; Reduce 7 items, expand knitting, art. 6 / n, in the middle reduce 3 p. Glass: tie the blue thread on the front part 17 of Art. 6 / n, knit 7 rows, making Decrease at the beginning of each row of 1 n. On the second part of the car, connect the black thread 2 rows st. 6 / n and tie the glass one by one near the station. 6 / n. Seat: Twist the 12 thread in black thread. etc., knit 15 rows of art. with / n. Headlamp: yellow thread (100% cotton), crochet No. 1.25 connect the 8 air. etc. and knit 3 a number of art. 6 / н, adding on turns on 3 p. Wheel: connect the black thread 3 air. P., join in the ring. 1st row - knit 7 tbsp. 6 / n. 2-3 rd series of Art. 6 / n, add evenly on 7 item 4-th row - art. 6 / n for the back wall. 5-th row of Art. 6 / n. 6th row - Art. 6 / n for rear wall, lower evenly 7 of the 7th range - lower 7 pcs. Fill the item with synthepon, Loosen the remaining hinges.

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