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# @ knit_child igrushka_kryuchkom Author: Albina Mullakaeva to work, we need to: main color (floor Hank) - yarn YarnArt «JEANS» or an analogue of this yarn. (cotton / acrylic). I knit from strings Kartopu AMIGURUMI color gray # K920. I'll write right away, I liked the thread. Slightly thicker than jeans, but nice and fits nicely in the canvas - the eyelets are even. The knots did not meet A bit of yarn of white and pink color, the same thickness. Holofiber or sintepukh. Safety (plug-in) eyes or d-7mm beads. Fatin for a dress. Black yarn "Iris" for registration faces.

▫Hook # 2. 
▫Scissors, needle. 
▫Good mood 

Legs, knit white yarn. 
1. 6 KA 
2. 6 pr = 12 n (n - loops) 
3. 1sbn, 1pr * 6 = 18n 
4-6. 18p 
7. 2sbn, 5ub, 2sbn, 1ub, 2sbn = 12p 
8. 12p 
9. Change the color of the thread to gray, knit 12 sat. We fill and embroider claws 
10-11. 12p 
12. 1sbn, 1pr * 6 = 18p 
13-15. 18 p, knit + 2sbn to shift the row, connect column and thread trimmed. 
We knit similarly 2 leg. 
Having bound the 2nd leg, we continue knitting:
16. 13sbn (in this row adjoin 1yu leg doing so: tab fold in half and get the middle of the side portion Attach 1sbn bound to the first leg 17 and sc on the first leg 6 of the second sc = 36 n (token set).. 
17 -25. 36 p (9 rows) 
26. 11sbn, 1ub, 10sbn, 1ub, 9sbn, 1ub = 33 p 
27-28. 33 p 
29. 9sbn, 1 kill * 3 = 30p (body to fill) 
30. 30p 
31. 3sbn, 1ub * 6 = 24P 
32 24P 
33 2sbn, 1ub * 6 = 18 n 
34. 7sbn, 1ub * 2 = 16 tightly fill. 

pens, head and tail. 
handles (2 pcs), knit yarn of white color. 
1. 6 KA 
2.6 pr = 12 p 
3. 3sbn, 1pr * 3 = 15p 
4-5. 15p 
6. 3sbn, 1ub * 3 = 12
7. Change the color of the thread to gray, tie 12 Sbn, fill and embroider claws. 
8-17. 12p fill the handle in half. 
18. 6 kill 

Head. (If you have false eyes, insert them during knitting between 10 and 11 in a row, the distance between eyes is 4-5sbn) 
2. 6pr * 6 = 12p 
3. 1sbn, 1pr * 6 = 18p 
4. 2sbn, 1pr * 6 = 24p 
5. 3sbn, 1pr * 6 = 30n 
6. 4sbn, 1pr * 6 = 36p 
7. 5sbn, 1pr * 6 = 42n 
8-13. 42p 
14. 5sbn, 1 kill * 6 = 36p 
15. 4sbn, 1 kill * 6 = 30p 
16. 3sbn, 1 kill * 6 = 24p 
17. 2sbn, 1ub * 6 = 18p 
18. 1sbn, 1ub * 6 = 12p 
19 6ub 
Head knit not tight and fill tight. 
1-20. 6 sbn 

muzzle knit white.
1.6 KA 
2. 6pr = 12p 
3. 12 p, loop connection and thread trim and hide. 
We knit it onologically 2 circle, finishing with 3 row (we do not cut the thread) we knit in the next loop: 1 half column with a crochet and 1 column with a crochet. 
Arrange 2 circles together and connect after knitting the connection. Sew in the middle and embroider the spout. 
Sew on the head for 11 p. 

Knit in pink. 
1.6 KA 
2. 6 pr = 12p 
3. 3sbn, 1pr (we add knitting like that - 1 knob, 1 lift loop, 1 bundle - all in one loop)) * 3 = 18p 
4. Change color to gray 4sbn, 1 jump (see above) 5sbn, 1pr (right above) 5sbn, 1 ave. (right above) and a loop connection, we cut the thread leaving 15cm for sewing.
Sew on the head. (See the photo in the carousel) and make out the muzzle. 
Embroider eyes (10-11r) cilia and eyebrows. Under the eyes do a stitch of white thread. 
Handles, tail and head sew to the body. 

Dress for our baby, who does not have tulle, you can use cotton fabric or continue to knit a skirt. 
▫Pehorka Yarn "Children novelty" 
▫Hosiery needles # 2 
▫buttons 2pcs d- 4mm 
▫Fatin or cotton 
▫needle and fishing line (I sew a skirt of tulle fine fishing line) 
Kp bead loop (always easy to take off 1 st at the beginning of the series) 
Individuals - front loop. 
From - a seam loop. 
Nak - nakid. 

Dress for Mimi. 
1 p. Dial 20 p
2p. Knit all the loops worn 
3p. (At the end of this row knit holes for the buttons) 
cr, 2lits, nak, 1lits, nak, 2lits, nak, 1lits, nak, 6lits, nak, 1lits, nak, 2lits, nak, 1lits, nak, 1lits, nak, 2 last loops knit together izn. 
4p. We knit all the loops. Nakida are not twisted, raglan lines will be openwork. 
5p. Kr, 3litz, nak, 1litz, nak, 4litz, nak, 1litz, nak, 8litz, nak, 1litz, nak, 4 persons, nak, 1litz, nak, 3litz, out 
6p. All loops izn. 
7r. Kr, 4 persons, NAC, 1 person, NAC, 6 persons, NAC, 1 person, NAC, 10 persons, NAC, 1 person, NAC, 6 person, NAC, 1 person, NAC, 4 person, internal. 
8r. All loops izn. 
9r. In this row we will close the loop of the sleeves. 
Cr, 5 persons, close 9 pet sleeves, 12 faces, close 9 pet sleeves, 5 faces, izn.
10p. In this row we add 3 loops under the sleeves. 
Cr, 6niz, ext 3 loops, 13 w, ext 3 pts, 6niz. 
11 p. All the loops of persons at the end of the row do otv for buttons, 30litz, NAC, 1litz, out. 
12r. All loops izn. 
13 p. Close all hinges, not tight. 
Cut the tulle or cotton, measuring 40 -45 cm in length and 4 cm in height. 
If thin tulle is like mine, then you need 2-3 identical segments. Fold and pin with pins, stitch the top part and pull it off. 
Attach and pin with pins along the entire length from the back of the jacket. Sew without tightening the fabric. Try on the dress while working and sew on buttons, beads. 
And everything, your baby is ready! At will it is possible to decorate with a bow or a flower. 

a source:https://everything.kz/article/41653037-malyshka-mimi

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