Nice Stitch with Different Techniques

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Rapport of this pattern is wide (on the national chain) 3VP, in height rapport is 3 rows. . The scheme will be later ! . And if I write a description to anyone urgently. . Dial a chain, in the 3rd loop from the hook make 1 column without a cape. Then we put 3VP, on the chain we pass 2VP and in the 3rd again 1 column without a cape. So we're pushing the 1st row - i.e. 3VP, one column without a cape, again 3VP, and one column without a cape ... in THE END of this row should be tied 2 columns without a cape - do the last, and you need to follow. A ik without a cape. . 2nd ROW - do 3VP for lifting and under each arch of 3X air loops (which were in the 1st row), you need to knit 3 columns with one cape (air loops between the bars no). At the end of this row you need to tie one column with a cape in the loops of the lower row. It turns out that at the beginning of the same loop of the ascent replaced one stodbik with a cape, respectively, the row also ends with one column with a cape. . 3rd ROW - 3VP for lifting and begin to make crossed columns - (as in this video), finish to the end of the row and again the row ends with a column with a cape (as and began it). . Then rapport is repeated from the first row, i.e. then we make arches of 3 Vps (this is also me in this video managed to show). . What, it is not clear if wrote - ask ♡ Source : https://www.instagram.com/p/ByiS1AkAZpa/

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