Knitting Chamomile Tutorial

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- yarn: - hooks No. 1,6 and 2. - satin ribbon - beads. The choice of yarn is not accidental: from dense "lotus" are obtained "persistent", ruled flowers and leaves; t.o. the cap retains an attractive appearance. Starch or gelatin is not required. We knit the bottom according to the scheme. The grid stretches very well, so the diameter of the bottom of the panama can be reduced by 1-2 cm. This scheme (17 cm in diameter) is designed for p . 54 . Then we knit the net without adding. Bottom of the cap we tie a number of ST BN., Further under the scheme: Do not forget to change the thread! Flower. We knit according to the scheme.

For the second tier of petals, we bind 6 arches (= 6 petals) from 2-3 VPs under the finished leaves of the 1st tier in staggered order. Next we knit the petals in the same way as the petals of the 1st tier. We steam off the ready flower. The middle of the finished camomile, in my opinion, is not very neat, so I close it with a segment of the braid (you can just tie a circle of yellow thread) and sew beads. Leaves Knit 3 pcs. according to the scheme. We pass the beads in long ends (it is better that they are of different lengths). "Putting it all together". First I sew the leaves - for the tip at the bottom (and sometimes I do not sew them down at all) and for the foot on the vertex: you can and should be moved lower, the flower petals will cover the highly sewn leaves.

The flower itself I sew: middle is obligatory, but I sew the petals selectively, for the very tips, giving a small slack. 
It remains to wear a satin ribbon. 
Done! * You can put a ladybug on the flower.

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