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Making a knitted hand starts with knitting your fingers. First we knit 3 fingers according to the scheme:

1. 6 RLS in the ring amigurumi

2. (1СБН, 1 increase) * 3 times (9)

we knit to the required length (I have 7 rows)

When the fourth finger is contacted, the thread does not break

We connect only three fingers together: insert the hook into the loop of the first finger and the second and tie the column without the crochet, then knit 5СБН on the finger and connect the second finger to the third

We knit further, according to the scheme of knitting around, we should get 27 stitches of the main + 4 "connecting", total of 31 stitches without a crochet

Next, we knit our hand in a circle of 5 rows, on the sixth we attach the fourth tied finger ... insert the hook into the 4th finger and into the hand and connect 5 loops ... You can already add a filler for toys, I used a holofiber, I also stuffed my fingers ...

Next we knit in a circle, and when we reach the finger we sew the remaining 4 loops, our finger joined with a knitted hand and it turned out 34SBN

We knit in a circle 2 rows, then we subtract according to the scheme:

 (3, Y) * 6 times (24)

(2, V) * 6 times (18)

(1, Y) * 6 times (12)

Then I already knitted the very hand it can be made from 18 posts without a crochet, to anyone as needed. I got such a knitted hand with fingers.

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