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The size of the dog is impressive! She is really cute and small. 
In order to tie such a puppy, you will need: 
1) Iris thread 
2) hook (approximately 0.8 mm) 
3) beads 
4) scissors 
5) needle for stitching parts 
6) thread muline 
7) slightly filler 
8) blush (for the inside of the ears) 
Getting down!

We knit the head: (1 detail) 
1 row: SC 6sbn 
2-3 row: 6 cbns in 1 row 
Add a drop of filler, close the head.

We knit the body: (1 part) 
1 row: KA 6 sbn 
2-4 row: 6sbn each in 1 row 
5th row: 3sbn, we knit a tail: 4 incl. + 1 ext. The second loop from the hook

provyazyvaem 1ssbn and so until we get to the beginning, in the same loop where we started 1ssbn, 3sbn. 
Add a drop of filler, close the loop, tighten the hole.

Foot: (4 parts) 
1 row: KA 3sbn, knit 2 rows of 3sbn in a spiral. 
Fasten the thread, cut, loops DO NOT tie

Eyelet: (2 parts) 
1 row: SC 5sbn 2 
row: 7 sbn (1sbn, p, 1sbn, p, 1sbn) 
Fasten the thread, the loops are NOT tied. 
1 row: KA 3 sbn 
2 row: 3 sbn to 1 sbn in each loop 
Slightly fill. 
Fasten the thread, trim, loop does not tighten. 
Then sew all the details, sew eyes, nose, embellish the inside of the ears with blush. 


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