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1. For the foot, type 36 pts + 2 chrome. and knit with garter stitching, evenly adding in the series of 4 items as follows: 1 person, add 1 item from the broach and bind ssrshy persons, 16 persons, add 1 person, add 1 item and 1 person. To perform in this way additions in each 2nd row 3 more times, always on both sides of 16 s. = 52 s.

2. Continue knitting without adding garter stitch for 14 p.

3. To remove the toe on the aux. Knitting needles first and last 15 p. and knit central 22 p. gum 1 * 1.

4. After 9 r. cut the long thread, thread it into open paragraphs and pull them together, thus forming a fan.

5. On the edge of the toe, lift 21 p., Remove 15 p. Knitting needles = 51 p. and knit face stitch. After 2 p. make holes for the ribbon and continue the faces. stitch another 6 p, evenly reducing in the last p. 10 p. = 41 p. Then tie the garter viscous 14 p. and close all the loops. The second knit knit similarly.

6. Sew a foot, heel and bootleg. Thread the satin ribbon into the holes. Wet the finished product and allow it to dry.

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