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There is a wonderful needlewoman Jeanne, under the name of Jeannette Mirmizetta . I admire her knitted things. The last work she showed, a tunic in red, did not leave me indifferent.
Because the author's model and no description (I asked the mistress of this beauty),
 I will select patterns on the available photos. And here is the object of desire :)))

And now the patterns: 
First, I'll deal with the bodice, I think it's double, the bottom is tied with ordinary facial, and the top is already openwork. I think the process is the same - the required number of loops is typed, the facial smoothness (the bodice) is tied, then the denticles (this turns out to be the best), after them we go down, we knit several rows of rubber 1x1, then the openwork border, Here are 2 options, both beautiful: Then we again type the required number of loops, we knit 1 front (in the front row), 1 front (in the purl series), then we continue several rows with a grid: After the net we knit a pair of rows with an elastic band 1x1, and then with an openwork pattern: use the average pattern

Close the hinges and then apply and sew the openwork part to the face (lining). Plus, it seems to me that you can put a rubber band on top. 
Further ... 
As the bottom is knit it is understandable, without seams, with one cloth, the first 4 rows of the bottom are facial loops in both the front and the back rows. Side lace strip - hinges are recruited from the side of the bottom band, a pair of rows of elastic 1x1 is sewn, several rows of a grid are patterned according to the pattern: we 
use the middle of the pattern of the middle pattern, only the grid. After the net, a pair of rubber bands 1x1, then an openwork pattern, . We finish with several rows of 1x1 rubber bands. It remains to collect. The only thing I'm not sure about in those places where I wrote an elastic 1x1, it's hard to see in the photo, but it's supposedly it, in the process knitting will be seen.

I described how I see this knitting myself, even before the work begins, maybe in the process I'll change something and do it in a different way. 
Another version of the pattern for the bodice and the bodice, he even likes me more than the one given above, but in the process we'll see :): and another option for the net: Another example of the bend of the bodice can be knit horizontally and then sew, you can use for this here such pattern: the lower pattern number 282 and just in case the couple: You can also horizontally link the bodice and bodice aubergees, then you can use this pattern: the pattern on the left No. 12 I like very much this pattern, it can also be used for horizontal knitting of the bodice and lateral azhura: medium pattern

That's all, it remains to start to knit and make adjustments.

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