Crochet Pink Openwork

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The size



You will need
Yarn (100% natural wool, 125 m / 50 g) - 600 g of pink; long circle. knitting needles 4,5 and a short circle. spokes number 3,5.



Patterns and patterns

Due to the large number of loops, it is recommended to knit a poncho on the circular knitting needles in rows in the forward and backward directions.


Face and purl rows - facial loops.



Openwork pattern with "bumps"
The number of loops is a multiple of 12 = knit according to. scheme. On it are given the front and back rows. Constantly repeat rapport and 1-20th series.



After each facial row, there are 13 loops in each rapport on the spokes, after each purl series - again 12 points. Calculations are based on 12 loops in each rapport.

Circular rows: alternately 1 facial, 1 purl.


Density of knitting

22 p. X 25.5 p. = 10 x 10 cm.


Poncho knit with a single cloth without a right shoulder seam, starting from the left side of the back and ending at the left side of the gear. Arrow on pattern = direction of knitting.

Completing of the work
On the spokes number 4,5, type 148 items and connect the 1 purl series with facial. This series is not taken into account in subsequent calculations.


Continue the work as follows: 2 st. Garter stitch (including edging), 144 pt. Openwork pattern with "bumps", 2 st. Garter stitch.

After 43 cm = 110 rows from the initial row, attach a mark on the left edge for the beginning of the neck.

After 68 cm = 174 r. from the beginning row is connected half poncho = end of the back (right shoulder / sleeve line). Continue the work for transmission according to. pattern.

After 50 cm = 128 p. from the first mark or through 93 cm = 238 p. from the initial row, attach a second mark on the left edge for the end of the neck.

After 136 cm = 348 r. from the initial row, tie the front row with the wrong one and close all the loops in the next purl series, like the backs.


The first 43 cm of the left side edge of the back is sewn with the last 43 cm of the left side edge of the transfer (= the left shoulder / arm line), combining the same icons on the pattern.


For bakey, dial circular knitting needles No. 3,5 on the edge of the neck 126 and connect 5 circles. rubber band. Then close all the loops according to the drawing.

Photo: magazine "Sabrina" №1 / 2018

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