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Blouse with openwork strap and border. This blouse is simple, but it is something from the realm of fantasy, beauty, tenderness, frankness and, of course, freedom gathered in one thing. This model expresses a lot of positive emotions. Perfectly this blouse will look in combination with a black skirt or tight pants.

Description of knitting blouses:

Size: 44

The model is made with knitting and crochet.

You will need:

400 g (220 mx 100 g) of white cotton yarn; Knitting needles number 4; hook number 3.5; 5 pearl buttons; glue rhinestones - 25 pcs.

Before you start knitting, adjust the pattern to its size.

Tie the stockings of the stocking and the openwork pattern according to the pattern 24, steam it with an iron through a damp cloth and determine the density of knitting vertically and horizontally so that the size of the finished product matches what was intended. According to the pattern of the main knitting (front surface) and patterns, make a calculation of knitting. 

Tie the details of the back, and then the left and right parts of the shelves, forming the contours of the parts in accordance with the pattern. Before performing the sleeves, cut the pattern and align the side seams. Then, strictly according to the pattern, tie together the details of the sleeves with the front stitch. Stripped finished parts. Tie the longitudinal edges of the shelves with 2 rows of scs and knit lace inserts from them with an openwork pattern, making reductions to form a cutout according to the pattern. Tie the longitudinal edges of the sleeves. From one of the edges in the transverse direction, knit a lace insert, making increases, and then decreasing for okat.

Connect the lace inset with the second longitudinal edge of the sleeve in the process of knitting the last row of 5VP arches. Do this as follows: instead of the average VP of arches from 5 VP, knit the RLS in the RLS of the sleeve edge strapping. Connect the details of the shelves and backs along the side and shoulder seams. For slats, tie 4 rows of sc. In the 5th row of the strip, make air loops as shown in diagram a.

The length of the chains from the VP and the number of columns of the binding determine experimentally. Along the bottom edge of the jacket, complete 6 rows of sc. Tie the second row of RLS, attaching to the near half loop. Now tie the openwork border according to the scheme under the bar from the Sc, starting from the second row of the Sc, attaching to the far half-loop. Round the hem to form a back part by knitting as shown in the diagram b. Sew on the sleeves. On the bottom strapping 4 rows of sc. For a collar, first knit a small stand — 3 rows of RLS, then, stepping back from the edges at the distance of the slats, knit the RNS collar itself. To form the corners, increase from the sides in each row. Decorate the finished product with an appliqué of flowers (scheme c) with a volume center. On the back lay glue rhinestones contour composition.

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