Crochet White Dress for Summer

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Yarn VITA cotton Rose, 100% cotton double mercerization 50g / 150m. 
Spent 500g of yarn, hooks 1,5 - 2 - 2,5, sewing rhinestones, finishing braid, bottom dress of knitted fabric.

Finished cups for a swimsuit tied, starting from the upper edge of the cup. The pattern is very simple, 5 rows of mesh: 1 column with a crochet, 1 air loop, etc. Further knitted columns without a crochet, in each row did 3 decrements, constantly trying on a ready-made calyx. The last row of 3-4 cm long stitched, folded in half, like a dart. The edge of the cup is a "stepping stone" and a cord "caterpillar"

Source : https://www.liveinternet.ru/users/5069306/post245019961/

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