Jacket with Relief Pattern with Braid Strips

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Jacket with a relief pattern With braid strips Dimensions: 38/40 (42 A4) 46/48 
You will need: yarn (100% of the wool; 150, 50 g)-600 (650) 700 light brown; Spokes 3.5. 
Pattern 1: Elastic band (odd number of loops). Each series start and finish 1 Cro- Framework while. 1 purl, 1 facial, Finish Reverse: the poor; Loops To tie the picture, with an even Number of loops to tie alternately Facial, 1 wrong. 
Pattern 2: Embossed pattern (number of loops Multiple B + 1 + 2 kromovyi) = Knit Consent Cookie. Diagram 1. It is given only to the face- Rows. In the Purl series of loops To tie the picture. Start with Ј the crown. The Raport is constantly To tear, to finish a loop after Raport and 1 crown. Constantly repeating 1-8-TH series. Pattern 3: Facial surface of the front rows- Facial loops, purls rows- Purls loops. Pattern 4: Braid pattern (Number of loops Multiple 12 2 cutting) knit SOGL. Diagram 2. On it are given only facial Ranks. The purl rows of the loop are Tie the picture. Between Kromoch Constantly repeating the rapport and 1st-16th row. 
Density of knitted pattern 2 -26 p. x 31 R. = 10 x 10 cm; Strap on 38 Loops Width 11 cm. Backrest: Dial on the spokes 135 (147) 159 loops with cross-shaped set And for the strap tie 2 cm pattern 1. Continue work pattern 2. Through 14 cm = 44 series from the bar to lower for Lateral bevel on both sides 1 x 1 P., Then W each 12 (12) 10th row B X 1 p. 121 (133) 145 p. through 42 cm 130 Series (40 cm = 124 series) 38 cm = 118 rows from the strap close for armholes On both sides 1 x 12 p.; 97 (109) 121 p. After 60 cm 186 rows from the strap Close for neck average 21 p. And both sides to finish separately. For fillet on inner edge Close in each 2nd row 1 x 5 p., 2 x 3 p. and 2 x 2 p. through 64 cm; 198 Series From the plank to close the remaining 23 (29) 35 of the shoulder. 
Left shelf: First dial on Spokes for Pocket 42 (48) 54 loops Cross-shaped set and tie 2 cm Pattern 1, and start with 1 front. Continue work pattern 2. At the same time Start with 1 crown, perform the Port 6 (7) 8 times, finish with loops up to Arrows and 1 crown. After 11.5 cm = 36 rows from the strap to tie for the 2 cm pattern 1. Then close the loops on the figure. Height Pocket = 14 cm from the strap. Then with Reverse Hand dial on Spokes From the transverse threads of the 1st row after Straps 42 (48) 54 loops and knit for Lining pocket pattern Z. Through 11.5 cm = 36 rows from the bars of the To live a knit-in-the-bud pattern 2, Dividing the loops as on the pocket, while Through 8 rows from the end of the pattern 3 start To perform the lateral bevel on the right Edge and run it like on the backrest -35 (41) 47 p. The ARMU Also Thread. As on the back. At the height of the backrest Close the remaining 23 (29) 35 of the shoulder. Right shelf: knit just like Left shelf, but in the mirror- of the marriage. 
Sleeves: Dial on spokes for each 
Sleeves on 63 (69) 75 Loops of cross- Set and for the strap of the 
2 cm pattern 1. Continue 2.pattern 2. At the same time, add Bevel sleeves on both sides in each 6th row from the bar 10 x 1 P. (In each 4th row 9 x 1 p. and in each 6th row 4x1 p.) In each 2nd row 2x1 p. ive 
Each 4th row of 14 x 1 p. sot. Pattern = 83 (95) 107 p. Through 22 cm: 68 Series From the strap close to the sleeve of the sleeves with Both sides 1 x 12 p., then in each 2nd row 18х1 p., 2х2p. and 1х3 p. (3x 2 p., 15х1 
12х1 p., 4x2 P. and 1 х 3 p.). After 36 cm = 112 rows from the strap to close the left- E (15) 21 p. Strap (2 parts): Dial on Spokes 38 loops with cross-shaped set and Link 1 seamy a range of Iznanochny- Mi. This series is not taken into account in the Calculations. Continue 4.pattern 4. Through 75 cm from the initial Series to leave all the loops. 
Assembly: Perform shoulder seams. Left loops of laths to connect Knitted seam and, starting from the weld In the middle of the backrest, sew the bar To the neck of the backrest and the Check, while capturing the edges of the pockets. Sew sleeves, perform side seams And the seams of the sleeves, while on the shelves Grab the edges of your pockets. 

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