Shortened Pullover Free Pattern

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Arms: 4 pieces of motif as shown in the body diagram is added to each other as the final sequences are woven.  Motif 2 is applied to the gaps formed between the motifs. The section allocated for the arm is added by netting the mesh. On the other side of the motifs 1 row of the file, 3 cm 2 diagram, 7 cm 1 diagram after applying the numbered Diagram 3 is applied.

At the bottom of the composed slices, 6 cm mesh is made from the starting order. Again, Diagram 3 is applied. The other arm is woven in the same way.

Rear and front: After the Motif Diagram 2 is applied between the motifs for the bodies, the mesh is added to the rocket. At the bottom of the motifs 1 line mesh, 3 cm 2 diagram, 11 cm 1 diagram is applied. Diagram 3 is applied starting from the next queue.

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