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Nowadays umbrellas from the sun are becoming more popular. Perhaps, indeed, everything new is a well-forgotten old. 

Nevertheless, the umbrella umbrella not only brings joyful emotions, but also protects its owner from the scorching sun rays.

To get a closer look at this new "old" accessory, I want to show how the creation of an umbrella from the sun.


- hook (number corresponding to the thickness of the thread), in our example we used No. 1.25;

- yarn, for our umbrella was chosen white yarn Lily from mercerized cotton;

- white beads;

- studs;

- a piece of paper;

- a pencil;

- umbrella cane.

So, everything starts with thinking over the general idea-picture: the frame of the umbrella, the shape of the handle of the cane, the color of the spokes and all the details of the umbrella, the number of spokes, the diameter of the dome, the color of the dome, and most importantly - the pattern of the dome!

When all the details are thought out, we look for a suitable umbrella-cane for the frame, and scroll through the magazines / Internet in search of the necessary scheme for the dome pattern.

I already had a frame. And since it was very desirable to make an umbrella dome from individual motifs, in this direction the search for schemes was carried out. It is important, that the number of segments-lesters of the motif corresponds to the number of umbrella spokes.

The scheme, which was taken as a basis, is a large flower with eight petals. The scheme of a flower from the magazine came up, only a minimal adjustment of the pattern was required.

Binding the first central flower, try it on the frame.

Next, eight more of the same motifs are tied together. The only difference is that these motifs are already connected in a circle among themselves in the process of knitting.

We try our motives on the frame, pin the studs so that the connected elements take their position on the dome.

Further, our task is to connect the motifs with the middle in a single canvas. For this we make a pattern of empty spaces on paper. By this pattern we are thinking through and making a simple scheme for joining the parts.

And so it is filling empty space on a paper pattern from the central flower:

After connecting the parts, a fitting is again performed on the frame.

And now we connect the central motive with the others:

Similarly, the edge of the umbrella is attached.

The last row can be decorated with satin ribbon, beads or whatever you like.

 And here is the result:

Thank you for attention!

Inspiration for you and new creative ideas))

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