Round crochet motifs

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In our master class for beginners, we will use just such a scheme with a detailed description of the entire work and a transcript of the abbreviations used. 
In this paper we will apply the simplest and most common methods of mating. Here is how they are called: 

VP - air loop; 

С1Н - single crochet column; 

SBN - single crochet. 

Let's link a round crochet motif that can serve as the basis for creating many original products. Having mastered knitting of such motifs, you will replenish your collection of household items with beautiful cardigans and dresses, sweaters and summer blouses, knitted children's clothing, tablecloths, capes and other charming household items. 

Step by step description of knitting round motifs 
Round motifs begin to crochet according to the scheme from the center. To do this, we wind up 7 rings around the finger, then hold the main thread with three fingers. Enter the hook under the rings, make a yarn grip and pull the loop.
Like this. We knit it with another loop and remove the ring from the finger. 
The central circle is fully tied sc. At the end we connect the last loop with the first connecting stub. To move to the next row, we knit 1 VP. 
The second row of the future motive is also tied to the RLS, but at this stage it is necessary to hide the tip of the thread, which remained when recruiting the central ring. To do this, it is enough to knit it together with the main thread so that it is inside the post. The end of the row is the connecting stitch. To move to a new row of knitting a round motif, crochet 3 VP. Isn't it difficult yet? 
The third row - 2 VP + S1H. In this way, we knit the whole series. For the end of the series we connect the first column with 2 VP of the last. To go to the next level, we knit 1 VP.
The fourth row is the sc. We introduce the hook in the place where we knitted the air loops of the previous row, under the bottom. 2 sc for each of the arches. We complete with a connecting post and knit 3 VP for the transition. Then we add yarn of a different color. 
The fifth row consists of magnificent columns (from 1 loop 4 С1Н, at the end they are connected to one + 1VP). We collect 6 VP and again we make a magnificent column through 2 loops. Repeat mating throughout the row. We finish with a connecting pole + 1VP for lifting. 
Further, according to the scheme for knitting a round motif, you need to change the yarn to the main color. We tie arches from 6VP of the previous row to RLS. Each arch will account for 9 sc. We finish with a connecting pole +1 VP. 

Well, in order to knit such and similar crochet round motifs, the schemes needed are not very complicated, do you agree? I think that you have succeeded and now you will be able to diversify your wardrobe with a new product, connected with beautiful and original elements. For use of such a beautiful and simple motif, beginners and young needlewomen can use, for example, both for the future knitted cardigan and for a dress or skirt. 

Here is a small selection of schemes that may encourage you to create your knitted masterpiece.

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