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For the work you will need:  
-3 a hank of blue yarn (acrylic, 300 m / 100g), a hank of gray and pink; 
- hook number 3; 
- narrow satin ribbon; 
- eyes for a toy; - glue. 
Plaid need to knit from individual motifs. First, tie two separate circles for the body and ears. 
1 row: we collect 3 air loops, knit 12 columns with 1 crochet in the 1st loop of the chain. 
2 row. We knit 2 columns with 1 double crochet in each double crochet column of the previous row, totaling 24 single-crocheted columns. 
3rd row. * 1 article without nakida, 2 columns without nakida in the next column *, ** knit to the end of the series - a total of 36 columns without nakida. 
1 row. We knit a chain of 10 air loops (pink thread), 1 stodbik without nakida in the 2nd loop of the chain, then 1 column without nakida in the next loop, 2 semi-columns with 1 nakida, 4 columns with 1 nakida, 5 tablespoons with 1 nakida in the last loop chain. Next in a circle: 4 columns with 1 double crochet, 2 semi-columns with double crochet, 2 columns with no crochet. 
2nd row: Go to the gray thread and tie the eyelet with crochet stitches. 4 columns without nakid in each loop, 5 times on 2 columns without nakid in each loop, 4 columns without nakid. 
Then connect them and tie them according to the scheme so as to make a rectangle

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