Knitting Home Socks Pattern

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Complexity: Medium
Working time: 2 days
Materials: Thread wool, cotton thread, viscose thread, acrylic thread

I try to write a master class for the first time, so I hope that everything will be simple and understandable.

I love a variety of homemade socks, they are nice to walk around the house and the main warmth. So I made this master class so that anyone could associate them for themselves. I will say that I do not know how to knit others and how knitting is correct, I show how I knit them.


We collect a chain of 12 loops. (I have a small 35-36 foot size, but I think 12 loops is the best option.) On both sides of the chain in the extreme loops we have three columns with a scale, in other loops on one column. It is necessary that our product was gradually expanded and acquired the form of a stocking.

When the first row is finished the product looks like this:

In the second row we continue expansion. I tried to draw a schematic.

The next two three rows can continue extending until you reach the desired width. Well on to my small size of added loops is enough.

When you determine the width of the sock, then knit just in a circle like an ordinary stocking.

When you get to the bend of the foot, divide the product in the following way. 12 columns on the center of a foot leave not touched and other columns continue to knit, only already turns out not in a circle and simply rows. For a more dense heel I projazat one row of columns with a scale, the second usual columns and so alternating. (Non-stinging columns may be more than 12, depending on the width of the foot).

When the product reaches the end of the heel, knit a slight rise, in the consequence it will be the back of the heel.

When the heel is finished, sew the product, forming a trace. When the track is ready, start to knit the top part of the sock, do not forget to adjust the desired width, so that the sock can easily dress and was filmed.

On my size by a circle I have put 47 columns with a scale, but all individually, therefore look for the golden middle.

When the length of the sock suits you, you have two rows of imitating the elastic band.

This sock will be ready, but it can always decorate and give individuality.

I chose this flower, but you can choose any other..)))

When the flowers for the sock are connected, you can attach them to the product. I'll tell you a few lines about thread tips. It often happens that the ends of the threads are interfered and come out to avoid it I zapivjat them colorless nail polish, so they do not dissolve and do not interfere.

That's all! Socks ready, I hope you liked my Master class..)) I will be glad to hear the reviews..))

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