Free Pattern Crochet Dress

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Size 36-40.42-48 
Wang will need: 250/350, 
The yarn of Zeta Tweed P5% silk, 
25% cotton, 100 mp5 g); Direct and 
Circular Spokes 4. 
Elastic band with extended loops: 
Persons. R.: Alternately Pisch. 1 on- 
Kid. IPMs. P.: Persons. In this case, the 
and pulling, 
Elastic band 1/1: Alternately 1 H... 1 
Decrease of 1 T: At the beginning of the series 
Crom., 2 Persons "Projazat 2 p. Together 
Persons.. At the end of a row of 1 nacld, 
2 p. Together persons... 2 LCH. 
Chrome. On the front side of Crom. ve 
To put a lie on the reverse side 
Density of Knitting: 15 p. and 17 p. 
10x10 cm. 
Backrest: Italian set (see 
Page. 26) Kick 55/63 109/125 
P. and tie the p. Rubber Band 1 P, 
Persons. N, after that knit rubber band 
With extended loops. In 55/53 
CM from inlaid edge to perform 
For the tracking of the 
In the following way: 1 Chrome,. Crochet through 
19/24 p., leave 4 p. On the Open. 

Spoke. Leave 4 p. on the 2nd shoot. 
Spoke. Leave 4 p. on the 3rd. 
Spoke. Then all three of them. Spokes 
Fold "Harmonica" 
Boeufs. spoke to the front. 
2nd Zspom. The spokes to turn and 
Lay in the middle. 3. 
Behind) and the lying friend of the 
On a friend 3 L... 
Do another one fold the same way. 
21/27 L., perform 2 
The folds are symmetrical 1-y, 
The spokes are put behind. 2. 
The spokes to turn and put in the 
3rd. Spokes put 
Front), to touch 19/24 p., 
Chrome. = 77/93 p. Then knit re- 
Zinkoј with elongated gtetpany. When 
The Breakfas on both sides of the 
House 30th p. 2х 1 P, 73/89 p. Through 
79/77 cm from inlaid edge close 
For armholes on both sides in each 
2nd p, to 3, x 2 and 5х1 p.. Ful 
In the latter case, the 
1:53/69 n through W18 cm from the 
Closed for cut 
The middle of the 17/23 p. and both 
Hand to finish separately. For 
Rounding close with inner 
Edge x 5 and X W p. Then close 
Remaining 10/15 p. 
Before: Knit like a backrest. But the warehouse- 
Perform symmetrical backrest 
(Folds open outward). Che 
7977 of the inlaid edge of the 
To cover the neck cut of the 
57, then in each 2nd p. x. 
3, 8/10х1, iv each 4th p. 3x1 
L., performing 1 L decrease, 
Assembly: Perform the ylecheal and 60- 
Seams. For cutting strips 
Neck from the reverse side 
Under each closed loop and out 
Each cream. Yell at the circular 
Spokes (closed PETPI, 
Outside in the form of a chain) 
118/134 p. (Back 39/45. 
79/89 work turn and hinges 
Close the PSH by the armholes dial 
by 68/76 L. and execute the Trims so 
Same, twist of 12 strands of belt 
Desired length, 

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