Crochet Pullover Free Pattern

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Crochet Pullover Detail :

Size 34-36.38- 40 and 42-44.
The Data size 
38-40 are available in 
Brackets O, for 
Size 42-44 in 
Double brackets 
is just a Specification exists. 
Applies to all 3 
Sizes. Shirtlänge 
Stitches, then both loops mesh 
L. Fixed m with foot sling. 
• In both 
Lower m. Limbs of the last m. 
1 loop through, first pull this 
Loop mesh. Then both loops 
Mesh 2. Fixed m with foot sling. 
• Repeat as many times as you like. Until the desired 
M number is reached. 
Basic pattern: After the crochet font 
Work. Odd m stop + 3 turn. 
Crochet L. — 3 R in LM. IX. Then the second and 
3. Always repeat R. From 2. R the STB 
Crochet the pre-R. 
Passenmuster: The Passenmuster is about 
The basic pattern. M-ZahI divisible 
By 8 T 1 3 turn. LM. IX the 4-6. R 
54 (55.5) ((57)) cm. 
For a better overview we recommend. 
Read the instructions carefully first 
and the desired size according to 
Material: 403 MARNIA f6. Know 
400 (450) ((500)) G. A crochet hook No. 4.5 
Festivities with Füßschlinge (as a substitute for 
The air mesh Stop): 2 air-M eh. 
No, in the first air. M piercing, Sling 
Pull this loop off first. 
Crochet, then the 5th and 6th rows are always re- 
Mesh Samples: 
(basic pattern) 11 TR and 12 R = Lox 10 cm 
(Passenmuster) 3 reports (24 m) and 10 R 
11, 5x IOcm 
Back piece: 101 (111) ((121)) LM + 3 
Flip-LM on-or 101 (111) 
((121)) crochet fixed m with foot sling and 
Crochet straight up in the basic pattern. For the 
Armelzunahmen after 32 cm total length 
On both sides in each R 2x 1 m, 2 m (z 1 tr), 
2x4 m (z 2 TR) and IX 16 (15) ((14)) in the 
To do this, Strike = 161 (169) ((177)) m. 
After 46 (47 s) ((49)) cm total length with 
Start the Passenmuster — 
-19 (20) 

Source : https://www.liveinternet.ru/users/ageeva_tania/post437495224/

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