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A noble crocheted jacket is an elegant thing that looks elegant and strictly at the same time. Performed in the style of the 50's, the jacket remains stylish and does not lose shape. It perfectly fits any form of clothing. Thanks to a gentle collar, you can not choose jewelry or jewelry.

Difficulty Level: 4 (out of 5)

Size: XS / S, under the volume of the chest of 80 cm

You will need:

Materials: cotton pastel yarn, 350 grams of primary color and 50 grams of additional, buttons.

Tools: a hook that matches the thickness of the yarn. 

Knitting techniques: openwork ruches.

Density knitting: can withstand 10/10.

We knit elements

 Backrest and shelves

We make a pattern according to the scheme. Next, knitting all the time will be applied to the pattern. We first dial the chain of air. to create a backrest. The chain should be 47 cm long. Next we knit 54 cm according to the scheme, to the top cutting the loops, so that the top part is 40 cm wide. Then we untangle another 13 cm according to the scheme.

We cut the shelves the same way, but divide the initial chain by 2.


We are tying along the same scheme: a chain of airsp. in 15 cm - in the ring, according to the scheme, gradually narrowing to 12 cm. The length of the sleeve is 35 cm.

Assembly and finishing of the product

According to the third scheme, we unfasten the collar, perform all the seams and sew the collar and buttons. At the edges of the shelves we tie the columns without n. 

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