White Crochet Dress Free Pattern

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You will need: yarn (10096 claps, 392 
Mloo g) — 700 g of white color 
Knitting start with Coquette. 
Type the hook fF2 a chain of 192 humidity- 
P., connect to the ring and tie on the diagram 1. 
After 17 cm, select the incisions for the sleeves 
and sew bodice in these places. Next 
A series of tie also in a circle, but no longer tens- 
Vai the shoulder part. Then tie the cloth 
According to scheme 2. From the waist to the dress semi- 
Chipos flared. Change the hook on 
Greater — first on ff2,5, through 10 rows 
On the hook SW. Increase (according to the scheme) 
Those are 20 to 30 rows from the waist. Increasing 
Number of bars in a row, make sure that the 
The canvas remained flat. 
At the finished dress tie the neck and 
Sleeves art. 6/N. When tying the sleeves to 
Put it in the form of a flashlight, 
Those few columns into one, reducing 
Thus the sleeve to the desired width. 
After that, tie the sleeves to the following 
At once: M-th row-2 art. He's 1 humidity. P., 2-nd row 
-1 humidity. 2 art. C] N, • Repeat • 2 times. 

Instead of embellishments and vice versa. After 
Six to the 29th series will be tied 4 (5) 6 
Once again, untie the 6th to the 18th row and then 
Repeat the 19th to the 22nd series until the end of the work. 
When the height of the second half of the compared 
Applies the first one, relieve the IPMs. Loops between 
And let them go. 
Before: knit similar to the backside. 
Assembly: Lay out the details on the horizontal 
Verification. Uvlazhnites IPMs. Parties and 
Let it dry. Perform shoulder seams, 
Leaving for the neck cut see. 
Follow the side seams. 

Pattern 1

Pattern 2

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