How to tie a scarf hood

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Type of creativity / technique / style : knitting Materials : wool-laster 100%, 4 skeins 100g / 336m Work time : 3-5 days Difficulty : 2

Scarf-hood knit pretty simple. There are several secrets of a successful landing:

1. The lapel. When calculating it is necessary to take into account that with a face discarding it, the scarf will fall better. And it is good if there are harnesses around the edges.

2. It is necessary to add a few loops smoothly for the depth of the hood (I have added 9 loops). And then also smoothly reduce them.

3. Old knitting loosely to knit fabric was soft.

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Scarf Pattern

refinement to the scheme

Drew. But when I posted, I found a mistake. Repeat from the 0th to the 12th row. To begin with a row, which I didn’t designate, it will fit in this form once, at the beginning, and then, after the 12th, you need to cross 6 persons in it.

Circles - facial, horizontal sticks - purl, well, and cross-breeding, I think it is clear (we swap 1 deaf. And 3 persons. In the picture and 6 faces. I always cross to the left) 
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