Crochet Baby Booties

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For bootees used blue threads "tenderness" and white "flight" 100% cotton
Tie the soles with white threads and blue make a binding: St B/n, 3 V.P.

According to the scheme of blue threads tie Daisy

The sole to bend and the strings to mark the middle. From it to retreat 2-3 loops and to tie a white thread. Daisy oblige art. b/N, a sharp corner of chamomile binding to the sole of St. b/N. Between the petals to skip 4-5 loops (it depends on the thickness of the thread).

Do not break the thread, knit Pjatochku

To tie shells from 5 St. S/n, between them 1 V.P. Blue thread make a binding of 3 V.P.

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