Baby Cardigan and gloves free pattern

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You will need: a yarn "Magic-Fine" in 2 additions: 100 g of cowberry color (code 1410) and 50 g of white (code 1401); circular knitting needles number 3,5; 5 spokes number 3; hook number 3; 3 decorative roses. 

Interlacing: facial smoothness; purl a smooth surface; garter stitching (in all rows all hinges are facial); the pattern is "cage": the first row is 5 pcs. with the facial smoothness of yarn of cowberry color, 2 stitches on the underside of the stalk, 5 st. the facial smoothness of the cowberry-colored yarn **, repeat from * to ** to the end of the row; 

2-nd row - knit loops according to the pattern of yarns of the corresponding color. 

Repeat from the 1st to the 2nd row; elastic band 1x1. Knitting density: 15 p. X 25 p. = 10 x 10 cm, connected by the facial surface. 


BACK. On knitting needles 3,5 of white yarn, dial 40 pcs, bind 6 rows of garter stitch, then knit, alternating 6 rows of 4-row "cage" pattern, knitted with white yarn garter stitch. When you have started 30 rows of work, continue to work with the facial smoothness of cranberry-colored yarn. After running 56 rows from the beginning of the work, close the central 12 pcs and on both sides in each 2nd row 3 times 1 pt. Close on 11 p. Shoulder. 

BEFORE. Knit, like a back. 

SLEEVE. Complete the shoulder seams. 

On both sides of the shoulder seam measure 10 cm and on this stretch of cowberry-colored yarn on knitting needles 3,5 dial 30 pcs, knit 40 rows of facial smoothness. Then follow the white yarn of garter stitching in 6 rows, evenly reducing 7 points in the first row, and close all the loops. Also knit the second sleeve.

ASSEMBLY. Perform side seams and seams of sleeves. Along the cutout of the neck to the circular spokes of white yarn, dial 55 p., Tie 8 rows of garter stitch and close all the hinges. Strip off the jumper. Embroider decorative roses. 


DESCRIPTION OF WORK. On the knitting needles No. 3 of white yarn, dial 24 pcs and knit 12 rows in a circle with a rubber band. Then knit the cranberry yarn with the facial smoothness. 

Having gummed 8 rows from the rubber band, tie 3 rows, alternating staggered 1 st of white yarn and 1 st of cranberry yarn, tie another 8 rows with a facial smoothie of cranberry yarn and divide the work into 2 parts of 12 pcs. Borders of parts (= sides ) mark with the marking rings (MK). Corrugate before and after the MC for 2 p. Together, until there are 4 sts left on the spokes.

Pull them with a working thread and thread it inside. Also tie the second mitten. 

From the white yarn, crochet a chain of cp. and fasten the mittens to it.

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