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Threads Turkish Kartopu Baby One, 100gr-250 m., Anti-Pilling 100% acrilik, spokes-3,5, can be 4, depending on the density of your knitting.

Description I 
typed 55 loops and tied 58 rows of garter stitch (from the front side and with the back all knit crochet). After 58 rows, our back is ready. 
Here are 3 photos that I took with the instagram of the Turkish masters @ bebegim orgulerim so that you can clearly understand the process itself. 
Now we knit 17 loops, close 21 loops, then 17 loops knit 13 rows of garter stitch.

Having plied 13 rows of handkerchiefs, we proceed to 16 rows of azhura:

The first row of facial: 7 stitches knit garter stitch, 1 face, nakid and 9 garter stitching 
2nd row in the back: 9 stitches knit with garter stitch, we also knit a kerchief, face loop we knit with purl, 7 stitches with garter stitch. 
So we tie a string of 16 rows shifting the joker, half the shelf is ready. After 16 rows of azhura, we start making holes for the buttonholes, we knit further and adjust the length of the product ourselves.

Anologically knit another shelf, sew on the sides and buttons, a jacket is ready. If desired, you can process the edges of the crochet and make a variety of applications, so that it's more beautiful, tidy.

The jakketik is ready! 
A small nuance in the boyish version I made an openwork on the neckline, after the planochki (it turned out not too bad, as you like, so do)

In the version for girls, it looks so

My other children's sleeveless jacket with side closure can be seen here.Source :

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