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At the heart of this set is a canvas of lush columns and the famous “puffy flowers”. Only they are attached. He came up with the booties "Little Gulen" - they liked the customer, and it was decided to create a set in the same spirit. 
 Materials: Adelia Tina yarn pink color - 5 hanks. From the fifth left about polmotka. Hook number 3.5. 18 beads. Beads sewn monofilament. 
Size: for growth 68 (3-6 months.)                                                
Operating procedure:

I knit the sole according to the standard scheme in 3 additions. In the last row of the sole, double crochet stitch knitted only the nasal part, the rest — half-double crochet. And the increase made a smaller 4 pcs. - eventually received 45 ST around the perimeter of the sole.

The ascent to the vamp also knit standardly, as shown here: - 45 STBN in 3 threads. 

Next, knit the back of the shoe. Thread in 2 addition, we type 25 STBN symmetrically on the back of the shoe, leaving room for socks. And knit back and forth 11 rows. The 12th row is connected with a stride. 

Now sock. Fasten the thread (without addition, one thread) to the knitted STBN canvas at the level of 2 rows. And knit lush columns (I have 5 in 1) in every second STBN of the previous row. Only 10 magnificent columns. Do not forget to attach at the level of the 2nd row of the back. 

We make 3 VP lifts, fasten at the level of 4 rows of the back of the shoe, knit the next row - 9 lush columns (no reductions, they just go between the columns of the previous row, so there are fewer of them. We reattach at 4 rows.

3 VP of raising in the 6th row of a back. 8 magnificent columns. Fixed in 6 row. 

3 VP, it is not necessary to fix this time, we start to round out the sock. 1 lush column, 2 lush columns knit in 1, 2 lush columns, 2 lush columns knit in 1, 1 lush column. 

The last row of socks: 6 lush columns (here I did not from 5, but from 3 loops), we knit it into 1, we fix the thread. 

We collect 12 STBN in 1 thread for the tongue. We knit 6 rows of STBN, then do a decrease in 7, 8, 9, 10 row on both sides of the tongue. We tie the tongue STBN. 

We make loops for a cord on the upper part of the back (I have 2 loops on both sides. 

We sew a flower.


Flower scheme:

In 2-3 threads I knitted only booties, all other details of the suit - in 1 thread. 


fit according to the standard scheme. 

A chain of 6 VP closed in the ring. 

1 row - 12 STSN. 

2nd row - 24 STSN 

3 row - increments in each 2nd STSN - 36 STSN. 

4 row - increments in each 3rd STSN - 48 STSN. 

5 row - increments in each 4th STSN - 60 STSN. 

6 row - increments in each 5th STSN - 72 STSN. 

7 row - additions in each 12 STSN - 78 STSN. 

8-18 rows - 78 STSN. 

19 row - Getting the lapel. For the back slice of each 2nd STSN of the previous row we knit magnificent columns - 39 magnificent columns. 

20-25 rows - 39 lush columns between the columns of the previous row. 

26 row - trimming in stride step. Thread cut off.

We knit ears: from the rear "seam" from 8 to 15 lush lapel column - 16 sc. 

I did a slowdown at the end of each row, so I made 10 rows. 

We knit a second ear symmetrically. 

We tie a lapel bend to the front wedge of the STSN (where we knit magnificent columns behind the back), and at the same time we tie the ears — a series of STBN. We cut the thread, hide the tail. 

Prepare 5 plump flowers (according to the scheme, with a bead sewn). 2 of them sew on ears. 

Make 3 pompons on the laces, attach to the top of the head. And decorate the "inflorescence" of the 3 plump flowers.


Knit chain of 86 VP, closable in a ring. 

4 rows of 1X1 gum. 

16 rows STSN. 

We divide into 2 equal parts (43 STSN each), add 3 VP, which will turn into 3 STSN between the trousers. 

Each leg - 20 rows of STSN and 3 rows of magnificent columns, we finish with a row of stride step, at the same time engaging a hat gum. 

Cooking laces, insert, fasten pompons. I inserted them so that you can adjust the length of the leg. 

Insert the hat gum into the 1X1 gum.


We collect a chain of 64 VP. 

Knit round yoke of lush columns. 

1 row - 32 magnificent columns (in each 2nd loop of the chain). 

In the process of knitting is not recorded, so the coquette write this: it consists of 10 rows of magnificent columns. There are 82 in the 10th row. That is, for 9 rows, they need to be added 50 pcs. 

Next we divide the canvas like this: 10 puffy ST on the right and left shelves, 20 puffy ST on the sleeves. The remaining 22 magnificent pillars are the back (do not forget, we still have a level ahead, therefore, on the front 20, on the back - 22). 

Well, and then knit back and shelves with a single cloth without seams, in the armpit, you can add another 3-5 VP-row STSN. 

Next, knit 15 rows according to the scheme:

I draw attention to the fact that at the beginning of knitting in the interval between the braids from columns 2 to 1 7 are STSN, and in the last row - 10. That is, we add 1 STSN in each interval in every 5th row. 

We knit 3 more rows with lush columns. Thread cut off. 

We collect 43 STSN for sleeves, knit 16 rows, on the outside of the sleeve I knitted a pigtail from ST 2 v1. It is possible without it. 

Attention! Since the blouse with a clasp and does not fit round, the rows are swivel. The sleeve can be knitted round and then all the columns will be facial - the fabric is smoother, but then the sleeves will be different from the shelf and back. I knitted the sleeves in turning rows, like the whole blouse. But the hat and pants knitted round the turn.

We finish the sleeves with 3 rows of lush columns and a row of crawfish step, putting a hat elastic in it. 

Now the collar. We collect on the neck 50 STSN. We knit 7 rows, making increases (in the 7th row I have 66 STSN). Tie a collar to several rows of STBN (I have 3). 

We knit the bar (5 rows STBN on both sides, on the right - loop for buttons). 

Tie the entire blouse (placket, collar, placket, hem) next to the stride step. Thread cut off. We sew buttons and flowers. 


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