Knitting Dress for Baby

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No sleeve for the girl (cross knitting, hook).

A vest - sleeveless jacket is tied for a girl 2-3 years old from the Belarusian 
yarns Areola, acrylic, 50g / 235m, hook 2.25. It took exactly 2 the hammer. Knitted cross knitting

Cotton sleeveless, description
She took 220 flips with a white thread and knit with a very simple pattern: 1SP (connecting loop), 1PHPN (half-shell with crochet), etc.
At the end of the series: 219th loop, 1PP, 220th loop -1SP at the edge of the previous row, 1VP, rotation of knitting.

The second and all the next rows of knit also. Everything fits behind the back of the loop. She knitted 6 rows, divided the knitting into three parts: a loop with a pattern, 88 loops with an elastic band (all the loops of a joint behind the back wall), 66 loops with a pattern

The elastic forms the shoulder of the tank top. To the shelves were wider, knit shortened rows in front, on the back, all straight. When the width of the shoulder was connected 8cm, knitted only the back with a pattern. Then she attached a dark thread and tied the back, and then dialed 110 more EPs and tied up the second half of the waistcoat with a dark color. Tied a ready-made VNS vest, sewn shirts brighter and decorated

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