Baby Cap

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Children's hat Pig Nyusha from Smeshariki crocheted

We will work with a hook 2.                                         

For the base of the cap it is necessary to tie 5 air loops and close them into a ring. The yarn for these loops is taken in red. 
Then 12 crochets of red yarn are tied into the center of the ring. 
Next, we knit 7 rows of double crochets, not forgetting to add 12 double crochets in each row, observing uniformity. We do it all with the same red thread. 
Then go to the pink yarn and knit without any additions 15 rows with crochets; then 2 rows with single crochets.

Well, that's the whole cap. Now we need to arrange it so that it becomes elegant and has a similarity with Nyusha.

For the image of the eyes, we take a white thread and carry out with it 2 details of the caps, indicated in diagram 1.  
Now we take the black thread, and from it we perform 2 details of the caps, which correspond to the pattern 2. 
Now let's take a nose. It is made of red yarn, and it is necessary to knit it, looking at pattern 3. The detail is performed in a single copy, as you understand. 
And finally, ears. In 2 copies, from pink yarn, according to scheme 4.  
For Nyushina pigtails, we knit a white flower separately, which can be done by looking at the scheme 5.

All schemes patterns for the image of the pig Niushi attached

Well, now, when we have all the necessary details in our hands, we need to start the assembly process, which comes down to the application. 
Mark up the positions on the front side of the cap, first attach the nose, as the main landmark around which we build the rest of the face. We attach the eyes, large, white, surprised, with black pupils. We make crown Nyushin eyelashes from air loops of red yarn, just do the same in order to designate the mouth. Do not forget about the pigtail, weave it from the threads of red yarn and fasten it on the crown. And finally, decorate the pigtail with a white flower.

Everything. Masterpiece!

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