Knitted Skirt with Heart Pattern

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I dialed 256 loops for the valance 
1Volanchik 7 cm. And the fact that after him I advise you to knit a little less, so that they lay more beautifully. 

Do not shuttle should do less, and then what goes after him up or under it in the finished form. 
After I had copied the sample, I calculated that the baby should have approximately 132 loops on the puziko, multiplied it by 2 and began to knit. When the shuttlecock is ready, the loops are fastened to 2 and knit above. 
The photo shows the place where the shut-off was. 

Each shuttle is tucked separately from the bottom. After the two are ready, put them on top of each other and tie one loop from each spoke into one loop.
The second knit before the decrease in the loop, then we subtract, tying on 2 and tying the 2 shuttle together 

should be this: 

For gum, the proshochi tied the first row with the wrong loops, then continued the facial surface, bent and sutured.

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