Knitting Babygro Pattern

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Knit body for the baby.

Size: 62-68


— 1 hank Yarn Alize Baby Best (90% acrylic, 10% Bamboo, 100 g/240 m)
-Hosiery Spokes № 4
-Circular Spokes № 4 with a line of 40 cm,
-Knitted Needle,
-4 buttons with a diameter of 1.2 cm,
-Thermal application.


20 p x 25 p = 10 cm x 10 cm.


Two VMs. Persons. -Touch the two loops together the front behind the rear walls.
Prib-Add the front crossed loop from the stretch.



To dial on hosiery spokes 14 p. and Projazat 8 rows of a binding. The first loop to shoot as individuals. Without stinging, the last knit reverse.

1 – 8 Rows: persons.

Next, we begin to add in each face row at the edges:
9 row: 4 p. platelkoj, Prib, 6 p. Persons. A stitch, a prib, 4 p. Platelkoj.
10 row: 4 p. platelkoj, 8 p. purl, 4 p. Platelkoj.

Continue to add until the number of loops will be = 36 p.

Bring in one more person. Series and set aside loops. Let's move on to knitting the front.


Dial 14 p and bring 4 rows of a binding.

1 – 4 Rows: persons. P.

We make two holes for buttons:
5 row: 1 loop to remove, 1 persons, 2 VMs. Persons., scum, 6 persons, 2 VMs. Persons, N. 14

6-8 Series: Persons.

Next, make a raise, while on the spokes will not be only 28 p. (ie 7 times)

Then bring in one row of people. Loops.

Straight part:

Dial 14 p. On the left side of the backrest and front.
Now we need to combine knitting into a circle.
To do this, move the loops of the backrest and front to the circular spokes and continue knitting.
Total should be 92 p.

Bring in a circle of 8 rows, the loops are knitted knit.

Then knit facial smoothness of 38 rows.

After again 8 rows of the dress with a binding.

Turn again to the hosiery spokes. Before you do already at 4 p. ie on the front you will have 44 p, on the back-48 p.


1 row: 4 p. platelkoj, 2 vm. Persons. With a tilt to the right (behind the front walls), 32 persons. P., 2 VMs. Persons. With a tilt to the left (behind the rear walls), 4 p. Platelkoj.

Next, in each second row on both sides, make a decrease until the total number of loops is equal to 28 p. (4 boards + 20 persons + 4 boards).

Then bring in 4 rows of the dress binding. In the next row make two openings for clasps: The first loop to remove as persons, 1 persons, 2 VMs. Persons, scum, 20 persons, scale, 2 VMs. Persons, 1 persons, 1.

Bring in two more rows of the dress binding. Close the loops.


Knit the backrest, making a decrease in each second row, as on the front part, until the total number of loops is equal to 34 p. (4 boards + 26 persons + 4 boards). Then bring another 8 rows of knitting.


Bring 7 p. Platelkoj, the next 20 p. Close, 7 p. Platelkoj. Push for each strap 44 of a series of Platelkoj, then close loops.


Use a knitted needle to hide all the ends of the threads, sew the buttons, make the WTO products, then glue the thermoapplication. The Bodyk is ready!


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