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You will need: 350g of pink yarn (100% cotton, 252m x 50g), a little yarn of contrasting color for binding; 9 small buttons on the foot; hook number 1.5; needle. 

First, make a pattern with individual measurements, then tie the pattern according to the pattern 8. Follow the pattern and patterns and calculate the knitting. For the backrest, type a chain from the VP (the number of loops should be a multiple of 9) and knit, forming the contours of the fabric in accordance with the pattern. Alternate the patterns as shown in figure 8, or at your discretion. Then tie the shelves, repeating the rhythm of changing the patterns on the back. 

Connect the parts along the side and shoulder seams. From the armhole in a circle, knit the sleeves with a pattern according to the scheme of 8 a. Take the bottom of the sleeves with the RLS strapping, tying the bars with the interval of 1 loop of the previous row. Then decorate the contrast strand according to the scheme 8 b. Along the vertical edges of the shelves, bind the RLS straps. Do not forget to make holes for the buttons on the right lath. To the left shelf sew buttons. On the perimeter of the product, follow the strapping with a contrasting thread using the pattern 8b. 
Pattern and Scheme 8a 

Source: http://www.knitsi.ru/id1846/azhurnyy-rozovyy-zhaket.html

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