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Sizes: 36-42.

Because of the free form, the poncho is suitable for all sizes indicated.

You will need:

700 g yarn type "Pashmina" from Lana Grossa pale purple color (Fb. 62) (78% wool - Merino extrafine, felt, 22% cashmere, 125 m / 50 g); straight needles No. 4, 5, as well as circular needles No. 4 and 4.5 with a length of 60 cm and circular needles No. 4.5 with a length of 120 cm.

Elastic band A: knit alternately 2 persons., 2 out. P.

Gum B: knit alternately 1 person., 1 out. P.

Facial smoothness: persons. ranks - individuals. hinges, rows - from. hinges; in a circle. ranks: only individuals. loops.


Knit in accordance with the scheme for 22 p. Straight and circular rows. 

The numbers on the right show faces. R. or circular pattern pattern. 

In izn. rows or between the circle. rows of loops knit by pattern. 

In height, knit 1 x from the 1st to the 10th p. / Circle. row, then constantly repeat from the 3rd to the 10th p. / circle. row.

Special reductions A:

At the beginning of the front or back to knit 2 p. Facial, then 2 p. Together persons. broach (= remove 1 p. as persons., 1 person. p. and stretch it through the removed p.) 

At the end of the front or back before the last 2 persons. loops knit 2 p. together front. 

On both sides reduced by 1 p.

Special decreases in:

At the beginning of the sleeves after 2 w. to knit 5 items together with a broach (= remove 1 item as persons., 4 item together persons. and stretch the resulting loop through the removed item). 

At the end of the sleeves before the last 2 last loops knit 5 p. together persons. 

On both sides, reduced by 4 p.

Knitting density:

individuals. smooth on the needles №4,5: 19 p. and 28 p. = 10 x 10 cm; 

gum A on the needles No. 4, 5 (measured in the stretched state): 24 points and 28 p. = 10 x 10 cm; 

braids on the needles №4,5: 22 p. = 7 cm in width.


First, start all the details separately, then knit sequentially together in circular rows.  

The bottom bracket is subsequently tied up.


On the needles №4,5 dial 78 p. 

Knit in the trail. distribution: chrome. p., 27 p. persons. smooth surface, 22 p. Spit, 27 p. persons. smooth surface, chrome. P.

For rounding in the 3rd p. from both sides to get new 4 p., then in each 2nd p. still get 2 x 4 p., 5 x 3 p. and 4 x 2 p. = 148 p. 

Added loops on both sides to knit faces. satin stitch. 

Through 9 cm = 26 p. from the loop set to postpone.

Before: knit just like the back.


The needles number 4.5 dial 70 p. 

Knit with a rubber band, at the same time start from the 1st w. row and after chrome. n. start with 1 person. n and before chrome. finish 1 faces. loop.

After 15 cm = 43 p. from the loop set to postpone.

Now move all the loops to the long circular needles No. 4, 5: 148 p. - front, 70 p. - right sleeve, 148 p. - back, 70 p. - left sleeve = 436 p. 

Then knit 1 circular row in accordance with the pattern, with chrome. p. knit together purl = 432 p. 

In the next a circle. A row of loops knit by pattern.

Then all the details knit together according to the pattern.

Before and back now to calculate 146 p., And the sleeves - 70 p., As before, only with the first and last 2 p. Knit purl.

To form the front and back from the start of the poncho in every 6th round. R. subtract 14 x 1 p. with a special subtraction A = 376 p., sleeves continue straight. 

After 31 cm = 88 circle. R. From the start of the poncho, start on all the details bevels raglan

To do this, on the back and on the front on both sides, subtract 1 p. With a special decrease, then in each 2nd circle. R. or later on the front hinge row, lower another 28 x 1 p., on the back, another 31 x 1 p., with a special subtract, simultaneously on the sleeves on both sides, subtract 4 p. with a special subtract, then in each 8th round. R. subtract 7 more x 4 p. 

For the back and front perform special reductions of A, for the sleeve - special reductions of B.

Already from the 25th decrease of the raglan before the front and back for the neckline in the middle of the front, close the 48 point and now continue with the forward and back rows. 

For rounding the hinged front hinges in each 2nd p. close another 2 x 3 p. and 3 x 2 p., and continue the raglan bevel, as before. 

After the last reduction of the raglan back for a direct neckline, close the remaining 54 p.

Assembly of parts:

Detail neatly folded in half, straighten, moisten and allow to dry. 

Run the seams of the sleeves to 15 cm. 

On circular needles No. 4, 5, at the lower edge of the backrest, lift 148 p.

For the lower strap to knit A in straight rows, while starting from the 1st of. R. and after chrome. start with 2 int. n and before chrome. finish 2 out. loops. 

At the height of the strap 5 cm loop close on the picture. 

The lower front bar to perform similarly. 

Now on the circular needles No. 4 on the neckline raise 130 p.

For the collar knit in circular rows with a rubber band B. 

At a collar height of 2 cm, evenly add 20 s. = 10 x of 1 out. p. knit 3 p. (1 out., p. 1 person., p. 1 out. p.) = 150 p.  

Now go to the shorter circular needles No. 4, 5 and continue the gum. 

At a height of 26 cm, the hinges are free to close according to the drawing.

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