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Sizes: S (M) L 

Finished product dimensions: 
chest girth - 108 (116) 124 cm, 
length - 70 (72) 74 cm, 
inner length of the sleeve - 51 (52) 53 cm. 

You will need: 650 (650) 700 g of Teetee Aeréa melange yarn (50% alpaca, 50% silk, 125 m / 50 g); Spokes number 3.5-4. 

Knitting technique. 
Gum 1x1: alternately 1 person. n., 1 out. p. 
Wrong surface: persons. rows - from. hinges, ranks - individuals. loops. 
Facial smoothness: persons. ranks - individuals. hinges, rows - from. loops. 

The density of knitting, purl: 22 p. And 30 p. = 10 x 10 cm. 


Back: type 108 p. On the spokes, knit 6 cm with 1x1 elastic. Next, knit purl sewn. At the height of 47 (48) 49 cm, begin to knit the extreme 4 points on both sides with the front satin stitch, the other loops continue to knit with the purl stitch. Next, in each 2nd row, add the loops of the front smoothing, provyazyvaya Izn. facial loops: 1 x 3 p., 1 x 2 p. and 5 x 1 p. Continue to knit the loops according to the pattern. At work height 66 (68) 70 cm for neckline, close the middle section 26 and finish each side separately.
Left side: knit in faces. a row of 3 persons. p., 2 p. together persons. drawstring (= remove 1 p. as a face., knit 1 face. p. and stretch it through the removed loop), knit a row to the end of the pattern. Turn the job. Close the 6 pts for the bevel of the shoulder, then knit in a pattern to the end of the row. Continue to knit this way, diminishing the hinge loops in each 2nd row 8 more times. At the same time, from the side for a bevel of the shoulder, close another 5 x 5 points. 
Right side: knit symmetrically to the right side, but for a bevel of the neck, knit 2 items together with people.

Before: knit similarly to the back, but with a deeper neckline. To do this, at the height of 62 (64) 66 cm, close the middle 18 s and then knit each side separately. For rounding the cut-out on the inside, turn down 14 x 1 n. At the same time, bend the shoulder bevel on the side, similarly to the back and at the same height. Tie the other side symmetrically. 
Side slats: type 15 (24) 32 points on knitting needles, knit 6 cm with 1x1 elastic. Next, the extreme 4 sts on both sides knit with the front satin stitch, and the middle 7 (16) 24 sts - with the wrong stitch. At a height of 47 (48) 49 cm, close the hinges.

Sleeve: on the spokes, dial 52 (54) 56 points, knit 9 cm with 1x1 elastic. Next, knit with a purl, adding for bevels sleeves on both sides in each 6th row by 1 p. Until the needles have 90 (94) 98 p. At the height of work 51 (52) 53 cm for dummy close on both sides in each 2nd row 1 x 5 (6) 7 p., 2 x 3 p. and 12 x 2 p. Close the remaining 20 (22) 24 p. sleeves at one time. 

Assembly: Spread the parts on a horizontal surface, moisten with wear. side and let dry. Perform shoulder seams. On the edge of the neckline, on circular knitting needles, evenly type 100 p., Knit round 6 rows with a 1x1 elastic band. Close the loop on the picture. Connect the front and back, stitching side panels between them. Sew the sleeves, seam the seams of the sleeves.

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